Initially, All The Mods were created with the purpose of satisfying a specific group of players – the authors of All The Mods 1.12.2/1.11.2 – that’s why All The Mods includes many mods of different genres. After a long period of internal use, the group decided to public the All The Mods mod pack to the Minecraft community. You can find in this mod pack a lot of familiar and well-known mods dated back since Minecraft is still in its Beta version.

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The name “All The Mods” does not mean that this mod pack includes each and every mods ever made by the Minecraft community around the world because it is a complete nonsense. “All The Mod” here means that the number of mods that this mod pack possesses is very diverse. With All The Mods, players will surely find their favorite mod. And of course all mods are adjusted, balanced to give the player the most comfortable experience.

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All The Mod has some basic mods that usually appear in the Feed The Beast mod pack, but it also has new mods that are recently released to the public. Old mods are redesigned to incorporate new mods, and they will allow players to create exotic but extremely useful systems. There are also mods that enhance the game’s difficulties like Spice Of Life, Rogue-like Dungeon, Blood Moon and Infernal Mobs. All The Mobs promises to be a very unique and interesting mod pack to explore with friends.

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