Minecraft Skins

Minecraft Skin is a layer of texture putting on the model of the character that the players control. Skin can use to call the layer of texture to cover the design of other creatures in Minecraft world. Skins divide into several different areas, its mission to cover the surface of the character (for example face area, left area, body area, etc.). You can only draw the skin by regular colors on the first layer of skin. It means if you use the file which has the transparent area, that area will become dark. However, the second layer of the skin will allow you to use transparent. It will be easier in the design of shirts, hats, glasses, and jewelry, etc. To change the skin of the character for the players who use Minecraft version on PC, the players are compulsory to buy Minecraft version Premium. Moreover, the skin can change the profile page by upload file the picture of png or jpg. The players, additionally, select one or two available models in Minecraft named Alex Model (This model has a hand with 3 pixels) and Steve Model (basic model). Here is the list of the best Minecraft Skins Updated daily by MC-MOD.NET.

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