CYBOX Shaders Mod 1.12.2/1.11.2 is one of the highest-quality Shaders Mod as well as highest computer config in Minecraft until now.

Cybox Shaders Mod for Minecraft Logo

Getting a specific point of heavy Shaders Mods, CYBOX will surprise the users when the first time loading in this world. The reason is that the detailed lights, shaders, and blurred effects are catchy and fabulous.

Cybox Shaders Mod for Minecraft 1

Generally, CYBOX Shaders Mod has a main tone of a little green, the contrast of colors reduces a little bit. So that, it can give some light feelings and an effect of extra blurred scenes (DOF, depending on the versions so this result will appear or doesn’t). Therefore, the users will feel like watching a scene in the movie.

Cybox Shaders Mod for Minecraft 2

The effects of lights and shades are excellent points of CYBOX Shaders Mod. It has the effective shades with the solution of erasing serrated shapes. Whereas, almost of other shaders mod have got a minus point is when all the frame comes darker in a less lighten area. As a result, the players feel hard and difficult to experience and play the game. CYBOX Shaders Mod can fix this, and then the frame will appear perfectly with no less light or burned light.

Cybox Shaders Mod for Minecraft 3

It does not only display wonderfully in the appearance of nature but also artificial architecture buildings, in internal houses or some areas with heavy blocks distribution. The shaders have still kept an absolute stability in colors and lights (whereas some other shaders mod has appeared in a situation of complex colors and errors in animation.)

This shaders mod is worth trying for the players. However, you need to consider carefully about the previous versions before installing. The reason is that the effects have added in higher versions don’t influence much to the beauty or ugliness, but they affect to FPS (a general weakness of the great shaders mod). You can find full versions in download part in the following.

CYBOX Shaders Mod Requires:

Minecraft 1.11 Mods

List of brilliant Shaders (Update daily)

Download links for CYBOX Shaders Mod 1.12.2/1.11.2

Download > For All Minecraft version (1.11.2, 1.10.2, 1.9.4, 1.7.10 …)

Download > Cinematic DOF

Download > Cinematic Motion Blur and DOF

Download > Cinematic Motion Blur

Download > Cinematic Plain

Download > Ultra DOF

Download > Ultra Motion Blur and DOF

Download > Ultra Motion Blur

Download > Ultra Plain

Download > Normal DOF

Download > Normal Motion Blur and DOF

Download > Normal Motion Blur

Download > Normal Plain

Download > Low Normal

Download > Low Motion Blur