Ars Technic Mod (1.20.1) is a comprehensive modification designed to introduce advanced technological elements to Minecraft. Fueled by the desire to push the boundaries of in-game innovation, this mod brings forth a plethora of machinery, devices, and systems that enable players to embark on a technological journey. From powerful generators to intricate automation, the Ars Technic Mod empowers players to embrace the marvels of technology within the familiar landscape of Minecraft.


  • Advanced Machinery:

The core of the Ars Technic Mod lies in its introduction of advanced machinery. Players can construct powerful generators, ore processors, and various automated devices that streamline resource gathering and processing.

  • Automation Systems:

Embrace the convenience of automation with intricate systems that allow players to automate resource gathering, processing, and crafting. The mod introduces conveyor belts, robotic arms, and other automation components to facilitate efficient industrial processes.

  • Power Generation:

Harness the power of advanced energy sources to fuel your technological endeavors. From efficient solar panels to high-output nuclear reactors, the Ars Technic Mod provides a diverse range of power generation options.

  • Technological Advancements:

Explore technological advancements such as advanced weaponry, teleportation devices, and security systems. The mod introduces a plethora of tools and gadgets that cater to both survival and creative gameplay styles.

  • Customizable Configurations:

The Ars Technic Mod offers customizable configurations, allowing players to fine-tune various aspects of the mod to suit their preferences. Adjust energy consumption, machine speeds, and other parameters to create a tailored experience.

Commands and Permissions:

  • /arstechnic give [player] [item] [amount]:

Grants the specified player a designated number of a specific Ars Technic Mod item, facilitating exploration and experimentation.

  • /arstechnic reload:

Reloads the configuration for the Ars Technic Mod, enabling server administrators to apply changes without restarting the server.

  • /arstechnic setconfig [parameter] [value]:

Adjusts the configuration settings for the Ars Technic Mod, allowing administrators to customize aspects like energy consumption or machine efficiency.

  • /arstechnic clear [player]:

Clears a player’s inventory of Ars Technic Mod items, providing a fresh start or allowing for adjustments as needed.


Minecraft Forge


Ars Nouveau

How to install:

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Ars Technic Mod (1.20.1) Download Links

For Minecraft 1.20.1

Forge/NeoForge  version: Download from Server 1

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