Aurora Rubealis Mod adds curvy undulating auroras to Minecraft.  They slowly become brighter as the sunsets (starting at 13000 Minecraft Time), and fade out as the sun begins to rise (22500). Like the Aurora Borealis of the real world, they will only spawn in the “northern” cold climates.

Client/Server Load:

The mod does not require the client to have the mod. In other words, any player can play on a server with the mod installed and vise versa. Load on the server is very minimal, with the vast majority of the burden on the client. However, during play testing, the Auroras had minimal effect on performance (your experience may be different though).


In order to better suit the needs of the player, a config file has been provided. This file is located in the .minecraft/config folder. The options are as follows:

  • “Aurora Y Translation” – Set true so that you cannot touch the aurora.
  • “Debug information” – This allows console spam
  • “Multiple Bands” – Setting this to false will make it so that only one band renders.
  • “Version Checking” – This mod comes with automatic version checking. Set false to disable. Slow start ups may be caused by this feature.
  • “biome list”- This list of all the biomes which auroras can spawn in. By default, it covers all of the vanilla biomes.


  1. Download Aurora mod
  2. Download Minecraft Forge
  3. Open your minecraft.jar. It will be in your .minecraft/bin folder. For finding the .minecraft folder, search for operating system specific instructions.
  4. Delete Meta-INF. Failing to do so will cause issues.
  5. Copy the contents of the forge zip into the minecraft.jar
  6. Open the .minecraft/coremods folder. You can either create the folder, or run minecraft to create this folder
  7. Extract the aurora mod jar to the .minecraft/coremods folder.
  8. Enjoy

Download Links for Aurora Rubealis Mod:

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