This mod adds reverberation effects to different environments and an attenuation mechanic to all blocks. All of this allows for sound-proof rooms, reverberating booms from a hovering ghast, and most importantly: eliminating the ever present moan from that zombie eight solid blocks below you!

This mod requires all users to update the lwjgl files installed with Minecraft in order to enable usage of these audio effects


  • Update to the latest LWJGL release or nothing will work. (Note: once these steps are completed they do not need to be repeated when updating BSM or Minecraft unless you use the “Force Update” option from the launcher).
    • Download the latest LWJGL release for your operating system
    • Extract/copy the contents of the zip file to the ‘bin’ folder located in the main minecraft directory.
  • Download the latest Better Sound Mod version zip-file and copy all of the class files to ‘Minecraft.jar’ with your preferred archive program.
  • Delete the ‘META-INF’ folder located in ‘Minecraft.jar’ if you haven’t already done so.



  • Updated to Minecraft 1.5

LWJGL Java/Binary Update: Windows, Linux, Macosx (or at

For 1.5

For Minecraft 1.4.7

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