About Build To Survive Map

Make your way up to the top lever to win Build To Survive Map, but first you must find some bricks in the hidden chests underground which will help you do that!

This is a PvP map, but it’s also playable in single player!



  • Play in Adventure mode! (/gamemode 2)
  • Play at least on Easy difficulty!
  • This map suits great for 2vs2 PvP! (but you can also play it alone)
  • You can use only the bricks you find underground for climbing, and also only axes to dig down!
  • Play fair and have fun!


  • Reach the lever on the top to win the game!
  • Disturb the enemy team in every way you can! (bows, mobs, etc)
  • Survive!

Build To Survive Screenshots:

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