Deeper And Darker Mod (1.19.2) is a Minecraft mod which features more blocks, items, armors, and hidden mysteries to complement the Deep Dark update. Such implementations include new sculk-related blocks, Warden armor and tools, the Otherside dimension, and secrets waiting to be discovered by you.

Deeper And Darker is a mod that aims to improve and enhance the Deep Dark. It adds many new features and content related to the Deep Dark and features a brand new dimension called The Otherside, which is accessed through the center portal in Ancient Cities. You’ll discover tons of new blocks, items, mobs, and more.


The Otherside

  • Traits
    • Bedrock comprises the top and bottom 4 layers in a rough pattern similarly to The Nether.
    • When in The Otherside and in survival mode, the player is given the darkness effect. The only way to get rid of the effect is to wear a Warden Helmet.
    • The Otherside has no daylight cycle or weather. The only natural source of light is Sculk Gleam.
    • Beds explode and cause fires when a player attempts to sleep in one. It has an explosion power of 5. The explosion is larger than that of TNT, which has an explosion power of 4. They cannot be used as a respawn point.
  • Environment
    • The Otherside features cavernous terrain with shallow water at the lowest depths of the dimension. A harsh green fog limits visibility, and large pillars made of Sculk Stone are scattered across the landscape. Sculk Jaws and Infested Sculk generate in the ground, so watch your step. The cave ceiling has vines hanging from it and clusters of Sculk Gleam lighting up the area.
  • Biomes
    • The Otherside has multiple biomes just like any other dimension, as of 1.0.0 there are only 2 biomes that can generate.
    • The first biome is the Otherside Deeplands, the Deeplands are made up of mostly Sculk and Sculk Stone. Large groups of Phantoms can be seen flying around the caverns of this biome, along with hordes of Sculk Snappers. Sculk Jaws and Infested Sculk are very common in the Deeplands, making it more difficult to navigate.
    • The second biome is the Echoing Forest, this biome often generates in layers consisting of Sculk, Sculk Stone, and Echo Soil. Echo trees populate the biome making The Otherside more vibrant with their purple leaves and Sculk Gleam. The fog color in this biome is purple much like the leaves, and the only mobs that spawn here are Shattered, which makes this biome a pleasant change from the many horrors of the Otherside Deeplands.
  • Generated Structures
    • The Otherside only has 1 structure currently, but there will be more in the future.
    • This structure is the Ancient Temple, which generates in both the Otherside Deeplands and the Echoing Forest. The Ancient Temple consists of various Deepslate and Sculk Stone blocks. The temple has 3 levels, an entrance level, top level, and bottom level. The bottom level is hidden and can be accessed by breaking through the 2×2 area of water in the center of the entrance level. Each level generates with Ancient Vases and Chests full of Enchanted Books, Diamond Gear, Echo Shards, and more valuable loot (Full loot tables available soon). The bottom level of the Ancient Temple is littered with Sculk Stone Diamond Ore and various other treasures. There are 2 caged up cells on either side of the bottom level, inside these cells there are Skeleton Skulls. In 1 of the cells there is a chest that contains Cobwebs and the extremely rare Sculk Transmitter.
  • Terrain Features
    • The Otherside has a few notable terrain features to spice up the dimension.
    • Bone block fossils generate exclusively in the Otherside Deeplands, similar to those of The Nether and Overworld.
    • Huge Sculk Stone pillars that stretch up from the cave floor, giving a sense of scale as you traverse The Otherside.
    • Clusters of Sculk Gleam similar the The Nether’s “Glowstone Blobs” line the cave roof and provide a natural light source.


  • Warden
  • Phantom
  • Sculk Snapper
  • Sculk Leech
  • Shattered
  • Shriek Worm


  • Sculk Stone variants of all Overworld ores generate in The Otherside. These ores drop 2x the resources and EXP as they do in the overworld.


How to use:

Entering The Otherside

Finding the portal

The portal to The Otherside is located in the center of Ancient Cities.

Lighting the portal

Before lighting the portal, you must first remove all Sculk Veins from the inner frame.

After the frame is cleared, you can right click it with the Heart of The Deep that you got earlier from killing the Warden

In The Otherside

Before you do anything in The Otherside, it is recommended that you save the coordinates of your portal. If you lose it, the only way to get back home is dying.


Minecraft Forge or Fabric API

How to install:

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Deeper And Darker Mod (1.19.2) Download Links

For Minecraft 1.19.2

Forge version: Download from Server 1

Fabric version: Download from Server 1

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