Extended Farming Mod is a new mod that enchances the farming aspect of Minecraft. This mod will change that, pluss provide new farming tools like a watering system and other machines.


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Extended Farming Mod Blocks:

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The Extended Farming Blocks:
Extended Farming add a few new blocks to the game. While most of the blocks added are crops, or support blocks for crops, there are also a few other blocks like machines and hoses.

The Watering system:
With the new watering system, you don’t have to waste valueable farmland for water blocks. Just put up a sprinkler and you are good to go!.

A sprinkler will hydrate a full 9×9 area, with the sprinkler in the middle. That gives you 80 useable farmland blocks out of 81 blocks! You can connect hoses to the bottom of the sprinkler and make it super efficient to farm!

The setup is very simple. Place a pump above a water block, and run hoses from the pump to the sprinkler. It will start to spray water across the blocks and keep the ground wet. Hoses can go in all direction, even up and down, so there are no limits to how the farm gets its water.

If you place a sprinkler on the blue block, all the orange and red blocks will be hydrated by the sprinkler!
Lets take a look at all the blocks involved in the watering system:

The Pumps:
Pumps will pump water into connected hoses. Hoses can be connected on the four sides. Once above a water block, it will pump water into hoses. Only one pump is required as there is no limit to how long the hose can be. But longer hoses take longer for the water to reach the sprinkler, so try not to make super long hoses.

The Hoses:
Hoses are used to transport water from the pump to machines. They can go in all 6 directions so there are few limits to where the pump and sprinklers are placed. Hoses will turn blue once it has water in it!

The Sprinklers:
Sprinklers are blocks that hydrate your farmland. When connected to a hose with water, it will start spraying water across your fields and keep the crops growing. The sprinkler can hydrate a 9×9 area, with the sprinkler in the middle, look at the picture with wool blocks. Hoses can be connected to it from the bottom and the four sides.


The Lava System:
Don’t want to waste precious coal on cooking your food? Use the Lava system instead. Using the Nether pump, insulated hoses and a lava sprinkler you can farm a full 9×9 area with crops that crop the cooked version of them. The setup is really simple. Craft yourself the required blocks and place the pump above a lava block. Now you run an insulated hose from the lava pump to the lava sprinkler. Insulated Hoses can go all directions, even up and down, so the lava doesnt have to be close to the sprinkler and the hose can be hidden underground and connect to the sprinkler from below. When the pump is over lava, it will fill connected hoses and go all the way to the sprinkler.

The sprinkler will light an area of 4 blocks in all direction. So the most efficient setup would be to place a sprinkler in the middle and turn the surounding blocks into farmland, just like the watering system.

This setup, just like the water system, gives you 80 farmable block, now lets take a look at the involved blocks:

Lava Pump:
The lava pump will pump lava through your insulated hoses and into the lava sprinklers. It is very easy to use, just place it above a lava block and you’re done! You can connect a insulated hose to all four sides to get water to the lava sprinklers. Only one pump is required as there is no limit to how long the insulated hose can be.

Insulated Hose:
Insulated Hoses are used to get the lava from the lava pump to the lava sprinkler. They can connect in all 6 directions so there are few limits to where your pump and sprinkler are placed. You can connect insulated hoses to the bottom of a lava sprinkler to make your field as efficient as possible! The hose will turn orange once it has lava in it.


Lava Sprinklers:
Lava Sprinklers are blocks that can Light your Soul sand fields on fire. When connected to a hose with lava it will start spraying lava over an area, 9×9 blocks with the sprinkler in the center(Look above pictures). They can connect with hoses from the four sides and the bottom.


Farmable Soul Sand:
This block is used for farming in the nether. It will grow crops and at the same time cook them. So plant a potatoe on it, wait for it to grow, and you harvest baked potatoes from it! You might be thinking, there is not cooked version of a carrot, well now there is! Plant carrots and you can harvest Roasted Carrots! You can use a Quartz Hoe on soul sand to get this block.

What would a farming mod be without new crops?! So therefor this mod also adds new crops. Most of them will grow just like vanilla crops, while others will require more work. The mod will add common vegetables, but also more unknown crops and spices. The currently added crops are:

Beans are a common crop. They only require the support of bamboo sticks and will, like vanilla crops, grow in 4 stages: Seed, little plant, purple flowers, beans! Once harvested you will get some beans and some beans seeds. A bean can also be crafted into 2 bean seeds.


Peas are common crops, which seeds can be found in village chests. They require Bamboo sticks and nets to grow. When harvested they will drop Peas and pea seeds. Peas can be crafted into 2 Pea seeds. They grow in 4 stages with yellow flowers.


Chilli Peppers:
Chilli Peppers are a bit more rare than peas. They are found in Jungle Temples and require Bamboo stick as support. They grow similair to bean and will drop Chilli Peppers. These can be crafted into two seeds.


Sugar Beets:
Sugar Beets are a more effiecient way to gather sugar. They grow similair to carrots, and when harvested one sugar beet can be crafted into 2 sugar. The beets can be planted on both farmland and in the nether, but have no special nether drop. You will need to find some dungeons to obtain them.

Extended Farming Mod Items:

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Extended Farming Items:
Extended Farming also adds new Items to the game. There aren’t many of them, but they are important. Most items will be food or seeds.

Crop Support Items:
These Items are required by some crops for them to grow. Currently added crop support items:

Most food is harvested directly from crops, but in later updates I will also add complete meals with meat and vegetables. Currently added food:

Both are harvested from their own crops.

Not much to explain here. Most seeds are found in vanilla generated chests, like villages, temples, mineshafts and the bonus chest at startup. All seeds can also be crafted using their crops.

Currently added seeds with location:


Extended Farming also add a few new tools to the game. These are all special tools, that are used for farming.

Quartz Hoe:

This special hoe is made using quartz, and can only be used on Soul Sand. It will turn it into farmable Soul Sand. It has about the same strength as iron, ca. 200 uses.

Extended Farming Mod How to install:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge.
  • Download Extended Farming Mod.
  • Go to .minecraft/mods folder.
  • If the “mods” folder does not exist you can create one.
  • Drag and drop the downloaded jar (zip) file into it.
  • Enjoy Extended Farming Mod.

Download Links for Extended Farming Mod:

For Minecraft 1.7.10


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