Seed ID: f54df3

Some of the most scenic Minecraft world seeds spawn the player in extreme hills biomes. This seed lives up to the title with incredible views around every corner. An excellent seed with an exposed dungeon and a ravine.

This seed produced an excellent extreme hills biome with a dense, scenic cavern and cave system. There are many floating blocks here, but a surprising lack of floating islands. Waterfalls, lava, and mineral rich cliffs can be found everywhere making for a perfect starting location.

A ravine can be found near spawn next to a few cave openings. This makes for an easy start to the hunt for diamonds and underground treasure. An exposed dungeon can also be found in a hillside near spawn. A spider spawner sits inside making the approach a rather nasty one. The following loot can be obtained from the dungeon. (X: 243 Y: 95 Z: 350)

Chest A

  • Enchanted Book: Looting I
  • x2 String
  • x1 Bread
  • x1 Cocoa Beans
  • x1 Saddle

Chest B

  • x2 Iron Ingot
  • x3 Gunpowder
  • x1 Bread
  • x1 Saddle
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