Fossil/Archeology: Fans Renaissance Mod 1.4.7. This is a resuming version of Fossil/Archeology Mod was discontinued


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These fossil blocks looks like stone,but harder then stones.
It drops bio-fossil(22.5%),relics(23%),bones(40%),Skulls(10%),Broken Swords(5%),Scarab Gems(0.001%)

2)Skull/Skull Lantern
These are the skull of ancient minecraft civilization.No matter who they are,now they just remain skulls.
The skulls can put on the ground,put a torch inside and become a scary lantern,or you can change it into bone meals.

This machine is use for analyzing bio-fossils or relics.
You may heard about sometimes the scientist finds some live tissue in fossils that contains DNA.That is what analyzer working for.
Also,the analyzer can restore the relics into stoneboard,which may contains some important message form ancient civilization.

Fossil Archeology: Fans Renaissance Mod

It’s easy to use.just put some bio-fossil or relics on the left side,and analyzer will put products on the right side automatically

If you got some DNA from analyzer,you may want to turn them back alive.Cultivate is what you need.

Fossil Archeology: Fans Renaissance Mod

Just put DNA and some bio-fossil into it,and the machine will try to rebuild the cells,using organic items(bio-fossils,ancient eggs,raw pork chops,raw fishes,eggs,slimeballs,milk,Dino-meats,raw chicken soup,raw chicken,raw beef) as material.
It’s a complex process,so give some time for it.
If everything’s ok,you will get a ancient egg.
Be aware!!Sometimes ancient DNA doesn’t like what we known.Using cultivate may cause monster outbreak!

5)Archeology workbench
Broken sword is useless.You need some process to make it usable.
Unfortunately, Fossil Archeology: Fans Renaissance Mod is not decided for this.What you need is an archeology workbench.

Fossil Archeology: Fans Renaissance Mod

With the micro-processor inside the workbench,it reads the information from relics and try to rebuild the ancient equipment,like swords.
Give it enough time and relics,and it will make a usable equipment for you.

6)Ancient Ferns
These ancient plants still living well in modern.
They only can grow under trees,and breed by time passes.
With two sub-species and currently drops nothing.

7)Order Drum
This drum is use for ordering group of Dinos.
Right click with anything on hand:Switch order mode(Follow/Free move/Stay)
Left Click with stick on hand: Send current order to triceratops within 30 blocks.
Left Click with bone on hand: Send current order to velociraptors within 30 blocks.
Left Click with arrow on hand: Send current order to pterosaurs within 30 blocks.
Left Click with skullstick on hand:Don’t do this when adult T-rexes are around.

This machine can grind and store foods that Dinos will come for it.
All tamable Dinos use feeders.They can see the feeder within 6 blocks.
Fossil Archeology: Fans Renaissance Mod
It has two silos.One for carnivore,one for herbivore.
You can try put some foods into correct slots,and the machine will grind the foods.
Acceptable meat:pork(raw/cooked),fish(raw/cooked),chicken(raw/cooked),beef(raw/cooked),egg,
Acceptable greens:apple,wheat,reed,bread,paper,book,melon(block/slice),flowers(red/yellow),
mushrooms(red/brown),sapling,fern seeds,leaves,vines
Velociraptors will come for it when they find no pigs around.While triceratops will come for it before searching for ferns.
Pterosaurs and T-Rexes will use it too.

9)Permafrost & Iced-Stones
The permafrost are frozen dirt that was from ice-age.
They are weak,and will melt to normal dirt if they expose to direct sunshine or heat sources.
But unlike the permafrost in real life,the permafrost in this mod have special power that can turn the stones around into iced-stones,which can protected the permafrost.
Iced-stone drops cobblestone,just like normal stones does.
permafrost drops Fern-seed,skulls,frozen-meat,bone and book.Shovel or empty-hands are needed.


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1)Bio-fossilFossil Archeology: Fans Renaissance Mod
bio-fossil means the fossils that may contain live tissues.But you can’t see it by eyes.You need analyzer to make sure of it.
Also,you can hold this and right-click on the ground to create a fossil-model.

2)Relics ScrapesFossil Archeology: Fans Renaissance Mod
these scraps were once the antiques of ancient civilization.Now they are nothing more than scrapes.You need analyzer to rebuild it.

Stoneboards are paintings of ancient civilization.It contains some legends or prophecy that you may interested with.

4)DNAsFossil Archeology: Fans Renaissance Mod
Analyzers can get DNA from bio-fossils or other organics like meats.
DNA can do nothing.But you can send it into cultivate,which may take DNAs back alive again.

5)Ancient eggsFossil Archeology: Fans Renaissance Mod
After a long time waiting without outbreak,cultivate has rebuilt the DNAs into live, hatch-able eggs.
Now you can put the eggs on the ground and hatch it into living ancient creatures.
Or,since they are true eggs,you can make them into cakes.
Imprinting:To have a tamed baby,you need to stay in a range(about 6 blocks) when the baby is coming out.Otherwise,it will live in wild.

6)Broken Ancient EquipmentFossil Archeology: Fans Renaissance ModFossil Archeology: Fans Renaissance Mod
Found in fossil,it’s from the great war in ancient civilization.
They are useless,and needed to be rebuilt by archeology workbench.

7)Ancient EquipmentFossil Archeology: Fans Renaissance ModFossil Archeology: Fans Renaissance Mod
After some repair work by archeology workbench,now you got wearable ancient equipment.
While not in the peaceful mode,both sword and helmet has supernatural powers.Especially when them has been equipped together.
(Try it at pig,not cows.)

8)Fern seedsFossil Archeology: Fans Renaissance Mod
This seed can plant an ancient fern on ground.
You can get some fern seed from analyzer while analyzing bio-fossils.
Caution:Triceratops won’t eat seeds directly.

9)Skull StickFossil Archeology: Fans Renaissance Mod
This stick is only a decoration.It can’t hit,can’t throw a fireball.
But if use it to hit the order drum,something may happen.

10)Scarab Gem Fossil Archeology: Fans Renaissance Mod
These beautiful gems means rebirth.They are sacred of ancient civilization.

11)Scarab Tools Fossil Archeology: Fans Renaissance ModFossil Archeology: Fans Renaissance Mod
Fossil Archeology: Fans Renaissance ModFossil Archeology: Fans Renaissance ModFossil Archeology: Fans Renaissance Mod
By the advanced forging and inlaying technology by ancient civilization,they are able to inlay Scarab Gems on tools and make them as hard as diamond tools.
All you need to do is craft Scarab Gem with any normal tools.
These tools also can be repaired on Archeology workbench.

12)Dino PediaFossil Archeology: Fans Renaissance Mod
Now you can see what dinos are feeling by this book.To use it,hold it on hand then click on the dinos.

13)Raw chicken soup/Cooked chicken soupFossil Archeology: Fans Renaissance ModFossil Archeology: Fans Renaissance Mod
So we got raw chicken.Instead roasting it,we can also make it as soup.
Unfortunately,we can’t drink it no matter raw or cooked.

14)Essence of Chicken Fossil Archeology: Fans Renaissance Mod
These delicious liquid are nutritious.You can drink it as tonic,but it won’t feed you.
Also,you can try use it on your lovely dinosaurs.But beware with the side-effect of fast-growing.

15)Living NautilusFossil Archeology: Fans Renaissance Mod
Oh!you caught a living fossil!
Now you can cook it,or put it into water (right click on floor)to release it.

16)Sio-Chiu-LeFossil Archeology: Fans Renaissance Mod
A traditional Taiwanese snacks that made by snails.But you make it simply put living nautilus into furnace.It’s delicious!
Also,If a Mosasaurus is chasing you,you can drop a Sio-Chiu-Le (I mean,pressing Q) and shift its attention.

17)Empty ShellFossil Archeology: Fans Renaissance Mod
Dropped by dead nautilus.It can be used to change a single Plesiosaur’s order status.

18)Magic conchFossil Archeology: Fans Renaissance Mod
Dropped by dead nautilus.It can be used to order a group of Plesiosaurs.Change the order type by putting it into crafting areas.

19)Dino meats/Dino steaksFossil Archeology: Fans Renaissance Mod
Why dinosaurs drop pork?They should drop their meat!

20)Embryo SyringeFossil Archeology: Fans Renaissance Mod
These embryos were created from animal-DNAs by cultivate.You can use these to inject embryos into some mammals like Fossil Archeology: Fans Renaissance Mod , Fossil Archeology: Fans Renaissance Mod and cows and make them pregnant.
You can use Dino-Pedias(temporary) to monitor the growth inside pregnant animals.
After a while(normally 5 minutes),the baby will be born.

21)Frozen MeatFossil Archeology: Fans Renaissance Mod
These are the meat of some unlucky prehistoric animals that was trapped and been frozen alive.
We don’t know which animal it was,but analyzers could help.It has 66% to be a DNA,or 33% to be normal meat.
*If You are too hungry,you can put this into furnace to get some steak.
*If you are in danger,you also can use this to hit enemy since it’s hard enough.The effect is same as diamond sword,but the meat will break Immediately.

22)JavelinsFossil Archeology: Fans Renaissance Mod
These javelins have difference material,and only can be found in weapon-shop relics.
They’re similar as arrows,but have the ability to penetrate.
Also,you can shoot javelins while mounting something without hurting the mount.
Ancient Javelins can fall a lightning belt on target.


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Fossil Archeology: Fans Renaissance Mod

  • Habits:Herbivore(Fern-blocks,wheats(dropped or given),melons(given))
  • Subspecies:3
  • Ordering using:Stick
  • Tamable
  • Ridable after 4-years-old.


  • Won’t hungry and won’t grow up.
  • Control-able by rider.(players)
  • Hold shift to rush.

While rushing:

  • Very helpful for flatting lands.
  • Simply run over other mobs.


Fossil Archeology: Fans Renaissance Mod

Feeding Time!!Velociraptors always hunt with group since their childhood.(Photoed by Con_Number_1)

  • Habits:carnivore(Meats(given or dropped),fishes(given or dropped),Any animals)
  • Subspecies:3
  • Ordering using:Bare hands
  • Tamable
  • Group-Action
  • Betray while been attacked by owner or starving
  • Hold everything dropped.
  • Able to learn how to use chests.

3)Tyrannosaurus rex

Fossil Archeology: Fans Renaissance Mod

  • Habits:carnivore(Any animals)
  • Subspecies:none
  • Ordering using:Skull Stick
  • Tamable in secret way.

Baby(<3 age(MC days))

  • Keep away from player(So don’t stay close with it or it keep escaping and never hunt.)

Mature(>3 age(MC days))

  • Break any block which are blocking its way (It can break blocks that weaker than iron blocks).
  • Can’t walk on ice:ice cannot support their weight.
  • Arrow-immune


  • Won’t crash houses.They only crash trees after tamed.
  • Won’t attack player.


  • Control-able by rider.(players)
  • Still arrow-immune.Means you not need to worry about while riding.
  • Because the height of T-Rex,You’ll got half heart hurt when un-mounting.
  • It can help you do some construction work like flatting lands.
  • Can simply run over mobs.
  • Can rush by holding sneak button.

Caution:Keep away from water while riding.


Fossil Archeology: Fans Renaissance Mod

  • Habits:carnivore(fishes(given))
  • Subspecies:none
  • Ordering using:Arrow
  • Tamable
  • Flyable after 5 ages(5 MC days)
  • Rid-able when fully-grown(8 MC days)


  • Habits:carnivore(fishes(given or dropped),Nautilus)
  • Subspecies:none
  • Ordering using:Empty shell
  • Tamable
  • Cannot jump.But able to land.
  • Catch fishes when hungry with water nearby.


  • WASD to control,
  • sneak to dive,
  • Hold still to float.


Fossil Archeology: Fans Renaissance Mod

  • Habits:carnivore(Nautilus,Squids,Players)
  • Subspecies:none
  • Untamable.
  • Crashes boats.
  • Can’t move on land.


Fossil Archeology: Fans Renaissance Mod

  • Habits:Herbivore(Fern-blocks,wheats(dropped or given),melons(given))
  • Subspecies:none
  • Ordering using:Stick
  • Tamable


Fossil Archeology: Fans Renaissance Mod

  • Habits:carnivore(Meats(given or dropped),fishes(given or dropped),Any animals)
  • Subspecies:none
  • Untamable
  • Group-Action
  • Untamable
  • Blind their preys.

(Modeled by Mr.EXDragonith)


Fossil Archeology: Fans Renaissance Mod

  • Habits:Herbivore(Leave-blocks,wheats(dropped or given))
  • Subspecies:none
  • Ordering using:Stick
  • Tamable


  • Won’t hungry and won’t grow up.
  • Control-able by rider.(players)

Special behaviors:

  • Brachiosaurus have a important value called EyeHeight.It’s roughly at their nose.
  • The formula is (4+age/1.8).That means a fully-grown Brachiosaurus(age 35) has EyeHeight of 23.
  • Brachiosaurus only find feeder or leave blocks between ±2 blocks.That means a fully-grown Brachiosaurus only see foods at 21~25 blocks height.
  • Brachiosaurus have ability destroy any structers that doesn’t taller than half of EyeHeight and weaker than iron-blocks.So if you want to fence them,remember to build the fence taller as they grow.
  • Brachiosaurus have ability to run over small animals.
  • (Model modified from Mr.EXDragonith’s model.)


1)Saber-toothed Cat

  • Mostly like wolf.
  • While it’s born,It’s untamed.You need Milk to tame a baby,and meat for an adult.
  • Feeding rotten flesh can delay their growth.


Fossil Archeology: Fans Renaissance Mod

  • Mostly like sheeps.You can even shear them,feed them with wheat to breed.
  • They need eating grass to regrow the fur.Difference with sheeps,they need eat 5 times to regrow.
  • If player is in 50 blocks while the baby was born,imprinting take effects.It will protect player and also its children.
  • A mammoth with fully grown fur will be sink in desert or jungle biomes.
  • A fur-less mammoth will sink in cold biomes like Taiga.



Fossil Archeology: Fans Renaissance Mod


  • Mostly like zombie
  • Can’t jump

2)Anu (ZombiePigman Emperor

Fossil Archeology: Fans Renaissance Mod

“Once upon a time,there was a evil emperor conquest the contry. One day,A hero defeated the emperor with great cost.And sealed him into the land with lava,ghast and crying for thousand years” -By stoneboard legends


  • Spawn in nether with rare
  • Using fireball as weapon by default.
  • If player try to attack with sword or other melee weapons,he will draw his sword and deal with player.
  • Have two skills:
  • 1.Qi-shock: Pushback every entity around and have chance to drop player’s inventory if player’s in range.
  • 2.Ira of 4-Mayors: Fireball rain.
  • Can be turned off in modFossil.cfg.
  • More imba behaviors will be added soon.

Notice:By the legend,if Anu has been release to the earth world,something bad will happen. file:///C:\Users\PRDROA~1\AppData\Local\Temp\msohtmlclip1\01\clip_image002.gif
If you want to do so,remember to backup your save!

3)Dead Bones

Fossil Archeology: Fans Renaissance Mod

They was sailors,warriors or passenger before the ship was sunk.Now they are just some dead bones standing there with silence.
What..?You say they turned around..?

D)Livings fossil

1)Nautilus(Or more like ammonite)

Fossil Archeology: Fans Renaissance Mod

  • Mostly like squids.
  • Can be caught by right clicking on it.



Fossil Archeology: Fans Renaissance Mod

  • Different color for different variety.
  • You can use Dino-Pedia to see their status.
  • Won’t move itself.But you can push them like pushing boats.
  • Can be picked up by simply right-click on it.But the hatching progress will been reset.
  • Remember its parent.If it was rebuilded by cultivate or the parent is wild,then you need to stay in a range about 6 blocks and the baby will recongize you as dad/mom(Tamble dinosaurs only.). Or it will be wild.

But if parent are tamed.The baby will be tamed too.

How to hatch eggs:

  • 1.You need to satisfy the eggs’ needs.For normal dinosaurs(including Plesiosaur since they build nest on land.),you need to keep them warm(I mean,sunlight or light source.);
  • For aquatic dinosaurs,you have to keep the egg inside water.
  • 2.Eggs need at least 5 minutes to hatch.If the egg has been exposed in bad conditions for a while,if may need more times.
  • 3.If the egg exposed in a bad conditions for too long,it will die and disappear.
  • 4.Make sure you kept some “incubation spaces” for eggs.Since dinosaurs are bigger then eggs.
  • 5.Remember,you can always pick up the egg by right-click on it and make it back to item.This will reset the hatching progress,no matter positive or negitve.

2)Fossil Models

Fossil Archeology: Fans Renaissance Mod

  • Right click on the ground while holding Bio-Fossil to create one.
  • Randomly get one from these kinds:Triceratops, Pterosaur, Plesiosaur, Brachiosaurs
  • Able to make them bigger by right-clicking them while holding bones.
  • Demolish by single hit.And will recover the bio-fossil and all bones.


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1)Small Weapon Shop

Fossil Archeology: Fans Renaissance Mod

  • Only spawn in layer 50.
  • Can be spawned underground or underwater.
  • Be ware of mechanism.
  • Items in chest:All material javelins,all material swords,bows,arrows.


Fossil Archeology: Fans Renaissance Mod

  • Each shipwreck has difference random damage conditions.From a little hole to cut in middle.
  • There are 4 type of ships with 6 kinds of models.Totally 24 kinds.


Fossil Archeology: Fans Renaissance Mod

Ancient people know the importance of education.So they have built many academies for their youth.

  • Only spawns on surface.

Fossil/Archeology: Fans Renaissance Mod 1.4.7 Installation:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download Fossil/Archeology Mod
  • Run the game once and close it . You will get a folder named “mods” under %appdata%/.minecraft/
  • Unzip it as “mod_Fossil” folder with class files directly inside
  • For 1.4.6 or 1.4.7, do not unzip! Just drop the .zip file into the /mods folder
    • For older versions, unzip the mod_Fossil as a folder named “mod_Fossil”
    • Move the “mod_Fossil” folder into “mods” folder
  • Run the game and enjoy

Download Links for Fossil/Archeology: Fans Renaissance Mod 1.4.7!8490mZYZ!F87BQwjQnCOvGhIQTRlHYSYNHDEA5VBc9EF03204TDY


  • Texture Designers: Armbrust
  • Modelers: Armbrust
  • Coders: microjunk, Eddy3322, Shadowbeast007
  • Testers: Frozwolf (durza400), foreverblu
  • Wiki Managers: foreverblu
  • Conceptual Designers: Jurassic_Man
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