Future Client (1.20.4, 1.20.1) is a very powerful and functional client for Anarchy Servers. With over 108 features below will satisfy all of you.



  • AntiBots – Exempts Combat and Render modules from targeting bots.
  • Aura – Attacks enemies.
  • AutoArmor – Puts on armor.
  • AutoBowRelease – Releases the bow at a specified server tick.
  • AutoCrystal – Places and blows up End Crystals.
  • AutoLog – Logs out at your desired health level.
  • AutoObsidian – Surrounds yourself with obsidian.
  • AutoPot – Throws an Instant Health potion under you.
  • AutoSoup – Eats soup.
  • AutoTotem – Replaces Totem of Undying in the off-hand.
  • BowAim – Predicts enemies movement and aims at them when using a Bow.
  • CopsAndCrims – Aimbot for Hypixel Cops and Crims.
  • Criticals – Gives critical hits.
  • SmoothAim – Aims smoothly at enemies.
  • Trigger – Clicks for you when you are hovering over a target.


  • AntiHunger – Causes you to not lose hunger even while sprinting.
  • ClickTP – Teleport to the blocks you aim at.
  • ColorSigns – Colored text using Minecraft color codes.
  • FastUse – Eats and drinks faster.
  • NewChunks – Find newly generated chunks.
  • NoMineAnimation – Other players cannot see your block breaking animation.
  • Orebfuscator – Turns fake ores from this plugin into real blocks.
  • PacketFly – Fly slowly in any direction and through blocks.
  • Phase – Makes solid blocks like liquid.
  • PingSpoof – Spoof your ping to make it higher.
  • PortalGodMode – After going through a portal you will no longer take damage.
  • Reach – Gives you more entity and block reach.
  • Regen – Heals you faster when you have the regeneration potion effect.
  • Swing – Other players cannot see you swinging.


  • Announcer – Sends chat messages about various actions.
  • AntiAFK – Stops you from getting kicked for being AFK.
  • AntiAim – Makes you look like a retard.
  • AntiBookBan – Stops you from getting kicked while holding or opening a chest full of illegal items.
  • AntiVanish – Shows in chat when a person is in /vanish.
  • AutoAccept – Accepts teleport requests from friends instantly.
  • AutoEat – Eats food automatically.
  • AutoFish – Fishes automatically.
  • AutoMount – Mounts ridable entities.
  • AutoReconnect – Reconnect to the server to the server after getting kicked.
  • AutoRespawn – Removes the death screen.
  • ChestAura – Takes or throws items out from a chest without having to open a chest.
  • ChestStealer – Takes or throws items out from a chest.
  • Heaven – Moves you higher in the air when you die.
  • InvCleaner – Throws out unnecessary items from the inventory.
  • MiddleClick – Middle Click Friends.
  • NoteBot – Plays music on noteblocks.
  • NoteTuner – Tunes noteblocks for the NoteBot.
  • Notifications – Sends notifications through the System Tray.
  • SkinBlink – Toggles the skin layers.
  • Sneak – Sneaks server sided. Also has an option for SafeWalk.
  • Spammer – Spams in chat.
  • Timer – Modifies the game speed.
  • Translate – Translates all languages in chat to English. Also option to speak any language.
  • TrueDurability – Displays the true durability on glitched items.
  • XCarry – The crafting slots in your inventory become extra storage space.


  • AntiLevitation – Prevents the levitation potion effect from functioning.
  • AutoWalk – Presses the move forward key.
  • BoatFly – Fly with ridable entities.
  • ElytraFly – Increases the speed of flying with the Elytra and disallows falling.
  • EntityControl – Increases riding entities jumping height and allows controlling without a saddle or carrot on a stick.
  • EntitySpeed – Increases the speed of ridable entities.
  • FakeLag – Abuses an exploit to save up packets and teleport you.
  • FastFall – Step down blocks.
  • FastSwim – Makes you swim faster.
  • Flight – Allows you to fly in the air.
  • HighJump – Jump way higher than a normal jump.
  • IceSpeed – Increases the speed when moving on ice.
  • Jesus – Walk on water.
  • LongJump – Jump farther than normally.
  • NoFall – You won’t take fall damage on AAC or Vanilla servers.
  • NoSlow – No longer slow down when eating, blocking or while keeping the inventory open.
  • Parkour – Jump at the edge of a block.
  • Speed – Move faster than normally.
  • Sprint – Holds down your sprint key.
  • Step – Step up blocks.
  • Velocity – Take the amount of velocity you want.
  • Yaw – Locks view direction to one of the eight cardinal directions.


  • BreadCrumbs – Draws a path from the places you have gone through.
  • Chams – Changes the color of entities and makes them visible through walls.
  • ESP – Draws an outline over entities and chests.
  • ExtraTab – Improves player list tab visibility.
  • Freecam – Ability to take a look from another perspective.
  • Fullbright – Turns up brightness to see in the dark.
  • NameProtect – Replaces names of friends with aliases in chat.
  • Nametags – Draws nametags with armor over players.
  • NoBob – No view bobbing.
  • NoRender – Stops view obstructing and FPS loss caused by sprite, texture, and lighting updates.
  • NoRotate – Stops server from setting your view angles.
  • NoWeather – Disables raining.
  • Search – ESP with tracer option to find diamonds, portals and other blocks.
  • Seeker – Prop hunt block ESP.
  • Skeleton – Renders a skeleton on players.
  • SmallShield – Makes the shield smaller in your secondary hand.
  • Tracers – Draws tracer lines to players.
  • Trajectories – Shows the trajectory of ender pearls, snowballs and arrows.
  • ViewClip – Makes F5 mode more usable.
  • Waypoints – Shows directions to your desired coordinates.


  • AutoMine – Holds down left click.
  • AutoTunnel – Mines a 2 by 1 tunnel.
  • Avoid – Makes you unable to walk into cactus and fire.
  • FastPlace – Removes the right clicking delay.
  • Fucker – Destroy beds, eggs or cakes.
  • MultiTask – Allows mining and rowing the boat while eating.
  • NoGlitchBlocks – Removes invisible blocks.
  • Nuker – Survival nuker to mine out blocks.
  • Scaffold – Places blocks underneath you.
  • Speedmine – Mines blocks faster.
  • Wallhack – Makes blocks transparent to see ores or other blocks.


  • Add – Add a person as a friend.
  • Remove – Remove a friend from the friend list.
  • Breed – Breeds animals around you.
  • Damage – Damages you.
  • Dupe – Item duplication exploit for Vanilla servers. “.dupe hand|all”.
  • Disconnect – Disconnects from the server you are playing on.
  • FindStronghold – Throw Eye of Enders to locate strongholds.
  • Drawn – Shows or hides a module from the arraylist.
  • Grab – Grabs the server IP or coordinates.
  • Help – Displays all the available commands.
  • Toggle – Toggles a module.
  • Vclip – Teleports you up or down.
  • Hclip – Teleports you forward or backwards.
  • Connect – Connects to a desired server IP.
  • LoadSong – Loads a song for the NoteBot.
  • DownloadSongs – Downloads the songs used by the NoteBot.
  • WaypointsAdd – Adds a waypoint. Example: .wadd name x y z
  • WaypointsRemove – Removes a waypoint. Example: .wremove name
  • Destination – Set a destination to waypoints which overrides the Yaw module.
  • Bind – Bind a module to a key. Example: .bind wallhack X.
  • UnBind – Unbinds a module. Example: .unbind wallhack.
  • Macro – Bind a macro to a key. Example: .macro add H /home base.
  • ShutDown – Self-destructs the client.
  • SpammerFile – Loads a .txt file for Spammer.
  • OpenFolder – Opens the Future folder.
  • Peek – Shows the insides of a Shulker box that you are holding..
  • Pot – Throws a potion you are holding above you.
  • Preset – Change the settings of a module to predefined settings.
  • Rename – Change the module names.
  • SetYaw – Sets the rotation yaw.
  • Watermark – Change the name of the client.
  • Rename – Change the name of modules.
  • TranslateKey – Change the Yandex API key used by the Translate module.
  • Runtime – Tells you how long the client has been running for.
  • Prefix – Changes the chat commands prefix.
  • Plugins – Finds out what plugins a server has.
  • Modules – Lists all the modules.
  • Legit – Disables all active modules.
  • Save – Saves the config files.
  • Reload – Reload the config files.
  • Say – Says a message in chat. Example: .say /kill | .say .legit
  • FindSign – Add signs with specific text to the Search module.
  • EntityDesync – Useful for duping and godmode.



Java 7 or above

Minecraft Forge

How to install:

For Official Launcher

For MultiMC Launcher

  • Download the Future-Client-pkg-MultiMC below.
  • Install loader.jar (after clicking edit paste stuff from future.json).
  • Do the same for tweaker.jar but after clicking edit paste stuff from tweaker.json.
  • Make sure the tweaker comes before the loader.
  • Put auth_key into your %username%/Future folder (on windows it’s C:/Users/%username%/Future/auth_key).
  • Run the game.

For TL Legacy Launcher:

  1. Open the launcher and check your game directory
  2. Download the official 1.12.2 Forge installer and run it
  3. In that installer make sure the game directory is the same as the launcher one, press OK
  4. Download the crack installer (from Future-Client-Pkg.zip below).
  5. Run it with java -jar Installer.jar or by double-clicking it, make sure the game path is set to the launcher path and choose the forge profile
  6. Click checkboxes if you need baritone or optifine installed
  7. Click install
  8. Open the launcher, turn off “Ely.by skins” in the settings, find game version “1.12.2-forge” and run it

Future Client (1.20.4, 1.20.1) Download Links

For Minecraft 1.12.2

For Official Launcher – Windows Installer: Download from Server 1

For MultiMC Launcher / TL Legacy Launcher: Download from Server 1

For Minecraft 1.20.4, 1.20.1, 1.19.4, 1.14.4, 1.13.2, 1.12.2, 1.8.9

Blackspigot Version: Download from Server 1

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