About God of Deceit Map

God of Deceit is the sequel to the popular adventure/horror map, Goddess of Decay. You will go on a journey around the world in search of your father, who left months ago on a journey to Antarctica with a mysterious stranger. During your adventure you will discover stunning locales, ancient ruins, devious traps, mysteries that have remained unsolved for thousands of years and a dark force manipulating events behind the scenes.


This adventure will take you to world famous locations such as the Antarctic wastes, the cliff city of Machu Pichu in Peru, the Nazca Lines, and the ancient city of Mu beneath the Pacific Ocean. And even if you havn’t played the first map it will all be explained to you.


  • 3 Hour + adventure
  • Multiple paths where you choose the challenges you face (parkour, fighting, exploration)
  • 3 Massive dungeons with unique mega architecture and challenges
  • 3 different endings
  • Large variety of environments and custom terrain, jungles, glacier, ice caverns, high desert, underground libraries, a city in the sky and much more
  • Optional content and challenges for the exceptionally daring
  • 3 boss battles
  • Noteblock tracks for dungeons
  • 1 to 4 players
  • Over a hundred hidden chests and items
  • A Quicknote system, all the important information of the story short and sweet
  • Hints files in case you get stuck on a puzzle

God of Deceit Map Screenshots:




Texture Pack: Ghost’s Rustic

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