About Gravity Switcher Map

Gravity Switcher Map is the Gravity Rush version of Minecraft. It’s a Puzzle map where everything including droplets, sand blocks, liquids and foliage are screwed up by the gravity.


Gravity Switcher map is a stage level map where you have to beat and solved the puzzle in order to move on to the next stage. In every stage levels there is a melon, Yes a Melon. You must make it to the melon in each level and flip the switch on top of it. Just like the heroin of Gravity Rush, you the hero/heroin of Gravity Switcher have the ability to reverse the direction of gravity, which will be useful in beating the stage levels.

For each levels there are bonus chests scattered . Those chest contains emeralds and other treasure that might help you in your puzzling journey. There are 10 emeralds in total to obtain, some can be found in chests and others will be obtained by using the various bonus materials that you find in chests.

Gravity Switcher Map Screenshots:






Map Rules and Tips:

  • Play on Peaceful
  • Try and complete the level without cheating or using mods (if you can’t then consult the walkthrough guide below)
  • Do not place or break blocks, other than mining ores (which must be broken with a pickaxe), breaking ice and placing levers (place them on gold blocks)
  • You are allowed to craft tools using the items you find in chests (use the crafting benches provided, do not make buckets)
  • Please don’t spam the gravity orbs, it could slow your game down a lot!
  • If you want to quit the level you are on press the red button next to where you begin
  • When playing in multiplayer, bear in mind that gravity is a universal force…
  • Have fun

How to install:

Resource Pack- Modified Default:  Download from Server 1Download from Server 2

Download links for Gravity Switcher Map:

Download from Server 1Download from Server 2Download from Server 3

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