Hermitron Mod 1.10.2 is a Minecraft mod that mimics the mini game RENDOG created on the HermitCraft vanilla server during season 4. Where you need to find and collect Hermitrons that spawn in the world. It spawns small boxes around your minecraft world that you can collect and complete sets with.

Hermitron Mod

There are 10 tribes, from tribe 0 to tribe 9. On each tribe there are 3 common Hermitrons, 3 uncommon ones, 2 rare and 1 mythic. You complete a set by placing one of each on a Hermitron Pedestal and selecting the Complete Set action. For each set you complete, you get 5 Hermitron Points.

Play with your friends to see who gets the more points, use a Hermitro Scoreboard block to check for players score.


Hermitron Mod 1

Hermitron Mod 2

Hermitron Mod 3

Hermitron Mod 4

Hermitron Mod 5

Hermitron Mod 6

Hermitron Mod 7

Hermitron Mod 8


Minecraft Forge

How to install:

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Hermitron Mod 1.10.2 Download Links

For Minecraft 1.10.2

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