Here is some informations about Hillside Manor Map for Minecraft Frostburn that you can need before download it.

Hillside Manor Map Screenshots:

Latest Update:

  • The surface water slide has been remodeled to inculde lots of supporting pylons and a whole new look .
  • Many sections of the slide have been changed to fix bugs, add invisible blocks to stop water, and other items
  • Lots of areas around the whole map have had minor and major terrain changes to fit the current buildings.
  • A newly terraformed sand spring valley has been added on the other side of the egyptian area mountain.
  • Added an large ocean sinkhole close to the slide that leads to a new large underground jungle cave.
  • Creaeted a new section/terrain for the hillside manor guest house that includes new double ocean arch.
  • Another pine canyon area created with a future quest hub building and back zombie cave.
  • 4 new redstone secrets added to the hillside manor basement area, including other minor design changes.
  • New “natulized” cave under the lake next to the manor, with tunnel and waterfall entrance.
  • Added a new courtyard and garden area to the large egyptian building along with some new inside changes.
  • Brand new underwater “lab” under the old island section that includes some new aquatic terrain updates.
  • Lots of other major and minor changes all over the map that I can’t think of right now…
  • Updated the world save files.

Download links for Hillside Manor Map:

Download from Mediafire

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