Hytils Reborn Mod (1.8.9) adds tons of Quality of Life features that you would want while on Hypixel, such as an Advertisement-Blocker, AutoQueue, AutoGL, Height Overlay, Game Status Restyle, AutoComplete for play and plenty others to discover on your own.



  • Auto Start – Join Hypixel immediately once the client has loaded to the main menu.
  • Auto Queue – Automatically queues for another game once you win or die. (This will require you to interact with the game in a way to prevent abuse)
  • Auto-Complete Play Commands – Allows tab completion of /play commands.
  • Limbo Play Helper – When a /play command is run in Limbo, this runs /l first and then the command.
  • Automatically Check GEXP – Automatically check your GEXP after you win a Hypixel game.
  • Automatically Check Winstreak – Automatically check your winstreak after you win a Hypixel game.
  • Notify Mining Fatigue – Send a notification when you get mining fatigue.
  • Disable Mining Fatigue Notification in SkyBlock – Disable the mining fatigue notification in SkyBlock.


  • Auto GL – Send a message 5 seconds before a Hypixel game starts.
  • Anti GL – Remove all GL messages from chat.
  • Auto Friend – Automatically accept friend requests.
  • Auto Chat Report Confirm – Automatically confirms chat reports.
  • Auto Party Warp Confirm – Automatically confirms party warps.
  • Game Status Restyle – Replace common game status messages with a new style.
  • Player Count Before Player Name – Put the player count before the player name in game join/leave messages.
  • Player Count on Player Leave – Include the player count when players leave.
  • Player Count Padding – Place zeros at the beginning of the player count to align with the max player count.
  • Trim Line Separators – Prevent separators from overflowing onto the next chat line.
  • Clean Line Separators – Change all line separator to become smoother.
  • White Chat – Make nons’ chat messages appear as the normal chat message color.
  • White Private Messages – Make private messages appear as the normal chat message color.
  • Colored Friend/Guild Statuses – Colors the join/leave status of friends and guild members.
  • Cleaner Start Counter – Compacts counting announcements.
  • Short Channel Names – Abbreviate chat channel names.
  • Party Chat Swapper – Automatically change to and out of a party channel when joining/leaving a party.
  • Swap Chatting Tab With Chat Swapper – Automatically switch your Chatting chat tab when chat swapper swaps your chat channel.
  • Remove All Chat Message – Hide the “You are now in the ALL channel” message when auto-switching.
  • Notify When Kicked From Game – Notify in party chat when you are kicked from the game due to a connection issue.
  • Guild Welcome Message – Send a friendly welcome message when a player joins your guild.
  • Broadcast Achievements – Announce in Guild chat when you get an achievement.
  • Broadcast Levelup – Announce in Guild chat when you level up.
  • Thank Watchdog – Compliment Watchdog when someone is banned, or a Watchdog announcement is sent.
  • Shout Cooldown – Show the amount of time remaining until /shout can be reused.
  • Non Speech Cooldown – Show the amount of time remaining until you can speak if you are a non.
  • Hide Locraw Messages – Hide locraw messages in chat.
  • Remove Lobby Statuses – Remove lobby join messages from chat.
  • Remove Mystery Box Rewards – Remove others mystery box messages from chat and only show your own.
  • Remove Soul Well Announcements – Remove soul well announcements from chat.
  • Remove Game Announcements – Remove game announcements from chat.
  • Remove Hype Limit Reminder – Remove Hype limit reminders from chat.
  • Player AdBlocker – Remove spam messages from players, usually advertising something or begging for ranks.
  • Remove BedWars Advertisements – Remove player messages asking to join BedWars parties.
  • Remove Friend/Guild Statuses – Remove join/quit messages from friend/guild members.
  • Remove Guild MOTD – Remove the guild Message Of The Day.
  • Remove Chat Emojis – Remove MVP++ chat emojis.
  • Remove Server Connected Messages – Remove messages informing you of the lobby name you’ve just joined, or what lobby you’re being sent to.
  • Remove Game Tips Messages – Remove messages informing you of how to play the game you’re currently in.
  • Remove Auto Activated Quest Messages – Remove automatically activated quest messages.
  • Remove Stats Messages – Remove messages informing you if you want to view your stats after a game.
  • Remove Curse of Spam Messages – Hides the constant spam of Kali’s curse of spam.
  • Remove Bridge Self Goal Death Messages – Hides the death message when you jump into your own goal in Bridge.
  • Remove Duels No Stats Change Messages – Hides the message explaining that your stats did not change for dueling through /duel or within in a party.
  • Remove Block Trail Disabled Messages – Hides the message explaining that your duel’s block trail cosmetic was disabled in specific gamemodes.
  • Remove SkyBlock Welcome Messages – Removes “Welcome to Hypixel SkyBlock!” messages from chat.
  • Remove Gift Message – Removes “They have gifted x so far!” messages from chat.
  • Remove Seasonal Simulator Collection Messages – Removes personal and global collected messages from chat for the Easter, Christmas, and Halloween variants.
  • Remove Earned Coins and Experience Messages – Removes the earned coins and experience messages from chat.
  • Remove Replay Messages – Removes replay messages from chat.
  • Remove Tip Messages – Removes tip messages from chat.
  • Remove Online Status Messages – Removes the online status messages from chat.
  • AutoWB – Says configurable message to your friends/guild when they join.


  • Highlight Friends In Tab – Add a star to the names of your Hypixel friends in tab.
  • Highlight Self In Tab – Add a star to your name in tab.
  • Hide NPCs In Tab – Prevent NPCs from showing up in tab.
  • Don’t Hide Important NPCs – Keeps NPCs in tab in gamemodes like SkyBlock and Replay.
  • Hide Guild Tags in Tab – Prevent Guild tags from showing up in tab.
  • Hide Player Ranks in Tab – Prevent player ranks from showing up in tab.
  • Hide Ping in Tab – Prevent ping from showing up in tab while playing games, since the value is misleading. Ping will remain visible in lobbies.
  • Cleaner Tab in SkyBlock – Doesn’t render player heads or ping for tab entries that aren’t players in SkyBlock.
  • Hide Advertisements in Tab – Prevent Hypixel’s advertisements from showing up in tab.


  • Hide HUD Elements – Hide HUD elements such as health, hunger, and armor bars where they are the same.
  • Hide Advertisements in Bossbars – Hide bossbars that advertise Hypixel.
  • Hardcore Hearts – When your bed is broken/wither is killed in Bedwars/MiniWalls, set the heart style to Hardcore.
  • Hide Game Starting Titles – Hide titles such as the countdown when a game is about to begin and gamemode names.
  • Hide Game Ending Titles – Hide titles that signify when the game has ended.
  • Hide Game Ending Countdown Titles – Hide titles that signify the time left in a game.
  • Hide Armor – Hide armor in games where armor is always the same.
  • Hide Useless Game Nametags – Hides unnecessary nametags such as those that say “RIGHT CLICK” or “CLICK” in SkyBlock, BedWars, SkyWars, and Duels, as well as other useless ones.
  • Notify When Blocks Run Out – Pings you via a sound when your blocks are running out.
  • Middle Waypoint Beacon in MiniWalls – Adds a beacon at (0,0) when your MiniWither is dead in MiniWalls.
  • Hide Arcade Cosmetics – Hide Arcade Cosmetics in Hypixel.
  • Colored Beds – Make beds a different color depending on the team they are on.
  • Height Overlay – Make blocks that are in the Hypixel height limit a different color.
  • Hide Actionbar in Dropper – Hide the Actionbar in Dropper.
  • Lower Render Distance in Sumo – Lowers render distance to your desired value in Sumo Duels.
  • Hide Duels Cosmetics – Hide Duels Cosmetics in Hypixel.
  • Mute Housing Music – Prevent the Housing songs from being heard.
  • Hide Actionbar in Housing – Hide the Actionbar in Housing.
  • Pit Lag Reducer – Hide entities at spawn while you are in the PVP area.
  • Remove Non-NPCs in SkyBlock – Remove entities that are not NPCs in SkyBlock.
  • Highlight Opened Chests – Highlight chests that have been opened.
  • UHC Overlay – Increase the size of dropped apples, golden apples, golden ingots, and player heads in UHC Champions and Speed UHC.
  • UHC Middle Waypoint – Adds a waypoint to signify (0,0).


  • Hide Lobby NPCs – Hide NPCs in the lobby.
  • Hide Useless Lobby Nametags – Hides unnecessary nametags such as those that say “RIGHT CLICK” or “CLICK TO PLAY” in a lobby, as well as other useless ones.
  • Hide Lobby Bossbars – Hide the bossbar in the lobby.
  • Mystery Box Star – Shows what star a mystery box is in the Mystery Box Vault, Orange stars are special boxes.
  • Remove Limbo AFK Title – Remove the AFK title when you get sent to limbo for being AFK.
  • Limbo Limiter – While in Limbo, limit your framerate to reduce the load of the game on your computer.
  • Limbo PM Ding – While in Limbo, play the ding sound if you get a PM. Currently, Hypixel’s option does not work in Limbo.


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