Invisablocks Reloaded Map is part 2 of a Parkour map that was famous few months ago. It is a map which has received numerous compliments with a clever concept. Especially, it has forced players to think, observe and analyze the situation correctly before starting their next move.

Invisablocks: Reloaded Map logo

It is not common in Parkour map, normally, because of the fast-paced feature of that map. Invisablocks Reloaded Map is a perfectly successful map based on the key successfully original factors of part one. Moreover, the author has improved and completed perfectly this map for players, so if you are a fan of original version, surely you will fall in love with this map.

Invisablocks: Reloaded Map 1

Invisablocks: Reloaded Map 2

One minus point of Invisablocks part 1 is that the players have a few time and the shortage of levels and and diversity to complete, whereas Invisablocks Reloaded was fixed, the amount of difficulty and levels increased significantly. This map has a lot of interesting levels or functions to bring you better experiences as food or checkpoint. Invisablocks: Reloaded has currently no bug at all, and it is a plus point in this game. Invisablocks Reloaded was built in the  version 1.10 so you need to install version 1.10 to play this map.

Invisablocks: Reloaded Map 3

Invisablocks: Reloaded Map 4

How to install Invisablocks Reloaded Map:

  • Download your Maps.
  • Start>Run>%appdata%.
  • Open .minecraft folder.
  • Open your version folder.
  • Find saves folder.
  • Drag your Maps you have downloaded there.
  • Open Minecraft and choose map from worlds selection menu.
  • Enjoy!

Download links for Invisablocks Reloaded Map

Download > for Minecraft 1.10.2

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