Keyhole Mod 1.4.6 adds two items to the game.

Keyhole Device

The Keyhole Device is a block that outputs a Redstone signal when it detects the presence of its key item. To use the device, place it on the ground and put the desired key item in the slot that appears. Don’t worry, you’ll get this item back. Hit ESCAPE to close the window and the keyhole will output a Redstone pulse to indicate success. If a player throws the key item at the block or right-clicks it with the key item, it will output a Redstone pulse (about 4 seconds long) to any neighboring wires (vanilla or RedPower 2). You must be holding the key item to break the block.

Locked Door

The Locked Door is pretty self-explanatory. It is very similar to the Keyhole Device in behavior, except that instead of outputting Redstone it will open/close instead. Keep in mind that you cannot throw an item at it to open it; you must right-click it instead. You must be holding the key item to break the block.


Both the Keyhole block and the Locked Door (when re-added) can be found in the Redstone tab of the creative inventory.

Keyhole Device:


Locked Door:



  • Install Minecraft Forge. If you have ModLoader installed, remove it. Minecraft Forge replaces its functionality completely.
  • Download this mod’s .jar file and place it inside the “mods” folder. If you don’t know where to find it, Google it.
  • Run the game to make sure everything is set up correctly. If the game runs and you can place and use both items, stop here. If something goes wrong, move on to the next step.



  • Updated to Minecraft 1.4.6

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