Here is some informations about Maze Survival Map for Minecraft  Frostburn that you can need before download it.

Maze Survival Map Screenshots:

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  • Play on HARD
  • Don’t cheat to escape from the maze
  • Use checkpoints only after unlocking them

Tip 1: Red wool = entrance to dungeons etc. (in the maze they are at the ceiling!)

Tip 2: Eggs, seeds and saplings are in nearest mineshaft.

Tip 3:

When you complete the last maze you will face a big mineshaft area. It’s a place for people that like survival and want to stay on my map longer. If you want to go straight for the end of the map then go to the EXIT coordinates. Remember to be fully armed for the final battle!

Main Challenges:

  • Find exit from the maze
  • Go trought 5 mazes
  • Find 5 fight chambers
  • Find 2 npc cities
  • Find and explore 18 non maze areas
  • Find 60 special dungeons
  • Find End portal
  • Find eggs, seeds and saplings
  • Find lost temple
  • Find mob prison
  • Find ending battle place

Crafting Challenges:

  • Craft and use Enchantment Table
  • Craft and use Brewing Stand
  • Craft and use Anvil

Travel Challenges:

  • Go to the Nether
  • Go to the End and kill the Dragon

Farm Challenges:

  • Build food farm (wheat, melon etc.)
  • Build tree farm
  • Build animal farm

Main Challenge:


Download links for Maze Survival Map:

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