Here is some informations about MineChem Mod for Minecraft Frostburn that you can need before download it


The Electrolysis kit and Molecular Crafting table:
These are the basis of the mod, as it would be hard to capture the elements without first obtaining a sample of them to know what each one is! The Electrolysis turns a complete block or item to it’s base elements, and the molecular crafting table does the exact opposite.

Bonder and Unbonder:
Make atom stacks larger (or smaller…) and create molecules such as Iron (III) Oxide and Water (DiHydrogen Monoxide). Make a Carbon stack from C to C2!

Fusion and Fission reactor:
Those really powerful reactions which fuse and break atoms. Turn 2 Hydrogen into Helium and one Helium into 2 Hydrogen again!

The Periodic Table:
Every chemical scientist needs one of these, without one you’d find it hard to tell something apart from something else, in the terms of chemistry.

The Chemistry book:
Displays the Electrolysis-compatible items in a list and the Chemical Symbols of the item(s) given out after the process. This is helpful for beginners wanting to know what you can put in there.

The Test Tube:
Yes, one of those things you will need before you can properly get into this mod. Get one of these, and then put elements into it (via all the machines). Without this you will not progress at all in the mod, other then making base machines

Molecular sorter:
The Molecule Sorter will automatically collect test tubes from adjacent machines. It will sort any incoming test tubes into five internal compartments based on chemical formulas you can set. Machines will automatically take test tubes from adjacent sorters, with this you can create your own factories. You can also pipe in items from the top.


  • Build the Electrolysis Kit and place three bottles of water into the bottom three slots and two empty test tubes into the top two slots.The water will electrolyse into Hydrogen (H2) and Oxygen (O2).
  • Now build a Bonder, place an empty test tube into the first slot and the two test tubes we filled before into the other slots. The bonder will bond the two elements together, we get Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2). Notice how the test tube has turned green, this indicates a test tube that contains two or more elements, a.k.a. molecule.
  • To make a Fission Reactor we need Uranium. We can get Uranium by placing three slime balls in an Electrolysis Kit, this will make Uranium and Carbon. Uranium is a radioactive element, try not to have it in your inventory for too long as it will cause radioactive poisoning and wil eventually decay into Protactinium. All radioactive elements will eventually decay into Lead. Use the recipe above to make the Fission Reactor.
  • Place the carbon we made in step 3 into the Fission Reactor and two empty test tubes, the fission reactor will split the carbon in two, dividing its atomic number by two, giving you Lithium elements. Carbon is atomic number 6 and Lithium is atomic number 3.


MineChem Mod Installation:

  • 1)Install Minecraft Forge or higher
  • 2)Delete META-INF
  • 3)Extract the contents of MC.jar (folder in zip) directly into your minecraft.jar
  • 4)Extract ‘Minechem’ and ‘mods’ to .minecraft allowing all overwrites.
  • 5)Test it works and enjoy

MineChem Mod Changelogs:


  • Bug: Cursor does not appear when accessing Minechem blocks until you click anything on the screen
  • Bug: Chemical Book crashed with Stack Overflow error when you shift+click anything while using the book.
  • Bug: Can’t hang ‘Hangable Table of Elements’
  • Bug: Lead armour all looks like the Lead Helmet, ignoring where it goes on your character. Also the armor is full white so you cannot see your person at all.
  • Bug: Radioactive elements consuming items to create a clone of that element (more cases required for full confirmation)

Download Links for MineChem Mod:

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