Have you ever felt tired of the mod? If you get bored of playing Survival, please try playing survival with the support of Command Block, to be specific: Monster‘s Glasses Command Block.


In the version of 1.7 and earlier, you were familiar with the Red Stone and the items made of red stone. However, Command Block has replaced it to become more convenient and interesting ones in the version of 1.7 and later. In this article, this command will create one glass to see the location of monsters or animals, which is very useful in the survival game. Check out how it works (I think you should try playing before reading this post because you can see all the interesting things of this command).

Monster's Glasses Command Block 6



After wearing these glasses on, you can see everything clearly. These animals who are not dangerous will be blue, while these who can be dangerous for you will be red.


Hello, zombie, how are you, the red is when I fight

How to create the glasses:


First, we will craft Custom Crafting Table

Monster's Glasses Command Block Recipe

The recipe to create the glasses

The copyright of Monster’s Glasses Command Block belongs to VinhVinh – Channel: https://goo.gl/eSUKCh

See Monster’s Glasses Command Block here

(Note: You must install Monster’s Glasses Resource Pack first)

Download > Command_block for Monster’s_Glasses (by VinhVinh)

Download > Resource Pack for Monster’s_Glasses (by LQV)

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