Nochim Ancient Relics Command Block is a Command formed as a world generator. Its mission is to create ancient relics all over the map. In other words, these relics is “improved dungeon” with many challenges as well as more monsters, exploring more dramatic difficulties, and more rewards in expeditions …

Nochim Ancient Relics Command Block Logo

When going down to the relics, you can realize that this is an area including a lot of squared room in parallel, many floors are connected by stairs to going up and down, …

Nochim Ancient Relics Command Block 4

Nochim Ancient Relics Command Block 2

If renamed this relic, I’ll call it as “a monster dormitory” because I swear that every three steps, I will meet four monsters (Ensure that there are a few rooms without monsters, reward only). To explain the phenomenon of uneven population distribution, we try to look closely into the corner of the room above, there are 2 mobspawns hidden (I count and there are 2 of them) with the task is to produce monsters continuously all day and night.

Nochim Ancient Relics Command Block 3

Moving to another rooms, there is no monster and only one artificial pillars and decorative stones (probably fossilized leaves, but they are green leaves so it is quite awkward). Next to the rooms, there are stairs to go down, we will continue discovering …

Nochim Ancient Relics Command Block 5

Nochim Ancient Relics Command Block 6

… And surprisingly, below is the ground floor of the dormitory monsters: D Well, I got these little zombies chasing to run for a while (I only take some shots but it is quite hard like that … ).

Nochim Ancient Relics Command Block 1

And here it is!! The first reward of us (Ensure that there are many great box), but I will not open the ark for some military reasons. The box cannot be revealed because if you know, the curiosity will be lost. I just want to say that the rewards are very genuine >: D

Well then, it is a brief review to explore Mihcon ancient relics. To install and use Nochim Ancient Relics command block, you download the link below and follow the instructions to install the command block in HERE (link hd of BHGaming). Wish you do expedition happily and don’t die soon!

Download links for Nochim Ancient Relics Command Block

Download > Paste link for Command block

Download > Resource Pack for Nochim Ancient

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