Nolwar Map Overview:

Nolwar Archipelago is cursed to never see summer. It is located somewhere in the middle of frozen oceans. Nolwar Map



Nolwar Archipelago consists of two islands, one island is called Heimlaug and another Nolwar. Legends say that you can enter sea between two islands only by sailing through Gates of Nolwar. This sea is called Crystal Sea.

Gates of Nolwar

Some believe that Gates of Nolwar were made by mother nature, others think that they were built by mysterious ancient race that disappeared without leaving any signs of their presence. Gates of Nolwar resemble a gargantuan ice bridge that connects Heimlaug with Nolwar. Near this bridge you can find huge ice rocks that resemble organic columns.


Heimlaug is a lot warmer and smaller than Nolwar. This island is overgrown with old birch forests. Gorgeous, snowy mountains rise in the middle of this island. Heimlaug also haves a volcano, it erupted ages ago and now snow covers it slopes. Northern coast of Heimplaug is very unique, centuries ago it collapsed and now it haves very unique shape. This coast is often referred as Fallen Coast.


Nolwar is a lot bigger and colder than Heimlaug. Near Nolwar stands King of Rocks – mighty, frozen rock, overgrown with moss and young spruce trees. Legends say that in the ancient times a huge city stood in Nolwar, but it was crushed by meteor because Gods were angry at its people. This place is now called Oium. The warmest place in Nolwar is named Caes Valley, it is surrounded by three mighty highlands – Majestic Tundra, Myvillon and Nolwar Highlands. In the eastern part of Nolwar there is a place called Icy Xarzith Planes, these planes are so cold that nothing can grow there. River Niarh runs through Nolwar splitting the island into two parts.

Map Features:

  • Realistic terrain made in World Machine.
  • Sparse cave systems painted entirely by hand. All caves are custom.
  • Super advanced texturing method that uses data exported directly from World Machine.
  • Taiga, forests, ice plains, forests and overgrown valleys.

Nolwar Map Screenshots:


Frozen Crater


Caes Valley


Xarzith Hills


Heimlaug island


Heimlaug volcano


Crystal Sea


Nolwar Xarzith Planes


King of rocks


Gates of Nolwar


Fallen coast


Majestic Tundra


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