Paired Parkour Map Description

Paired Parkour Map is created by Camzarg and LudaFix in which two or more people split into two sides and race through a parkour course while also watching the other team through glass on the other side. This map was made without any external programs and thus was built block by block in creative. This map is designed for a server and thus you must enable command blocks in the settings and it is unable to be played in single-player.

Paired Parkour Map Screenshots:


Rules and objectives are written in a book in the lobby of the game. Basic rules/objectives are:

  • Split into two teams and step on the two pressure plates
  • When your team is ready, pull the ready lever
  • When both teams have pulled the lever, a countdown will begin, when it hits zero, the race starts
  • Race to the end of the room to reach the checkpoint
  • The very first person to reach the end will be congratulated and everyone will be teleported to the end room, so the leading person will win the game for their team
  • These are only basic rules, they are more detailed within the book in the lobby of the map

How to install:

Download links for Paired Parkour Map:

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