About Ragecraft 2 Map (Insomnia)

Are you looking for huge, challenging, heavily combat-oriented CTM maps? Well, you’re in the right place. Ragecraft 2 Map (Insomnia)


Ragecraft #2 – Insomnia

Ragecraft 2 Map (Insomnia) Screenshots:

Ragecraft 2 Map (Insomnia) Rules:

  • 1. Do not play on peaceful or in creative mode
  • 2. Do not use cheats of mods that give you an unfair advantage (examples: teleporting to other players, removing the void fog, enabling keepInventory)
  • 3. Do not leave the boundaries of the map (examples: climbing to the top of an area that is open to the sky, going to the nether)
  • 4. Do not break or place blocks in the monument hall (other than the blocks that are required for the monuments)
  • 5. Do not trade with villagers that were obtained by breeding or converting zombies
  • 6. Do not break or place Ender Chests. You may make use of pre-existing Ender Chests.

Notes: Make sure that you do NOT have the mods “TooManyItems” or “SingleplayerCommands” installed! Having these mods installed will break parts of the map, even if you do not use any of their functions.

How to install:

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