About Solar Speed Map

Solar Speed is an intermediate single-player speed run map with frequent checkpoints and a timer to keep track of how long it takes you to finish. If you’re playing on a server, turn command blocks on. Make sure the command blocks are working by trying to go into gamemode 1. If you stay in gamemode 2, the command blocks are working. Another way to test is by pushing any of the buttons in the spawn room. If they don’t do anything, the command blocks are not working.



  • Frequent checkpoints
  • A timer
  • Block Effects
  • A unique course that can take place in lunar time or solar time

Block Effects:

  • Sea Lanterns – Set your checkpoint
  • Iron Blocks – Gives you speed boost x1
  • Packed Ice – Gives you speed boost x3
  • Gold Blocks – Gives you speed boost x6
  • Diamond Blocks – Give you speed boost x15
  • Emerald Blocks – Teleports you down by 30 blocks
  • White Stained Clay – Starts timer (You will probably not see this block)
  • Quartz Blocks – Stops Timer


  • This is a single player map. Do not play with more than one person.
  • All jumps are 100% possible.
  • This map is the sequel to Lunar Speed.
  • This is a speed run map, however, you may need to take your time on certain parts rather than rushing through it.

Let’s Plays Solar Speed Map:

How to install:

Download links for Solar Speed Map:

For Minecraft 1.8



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