Addons Mods

Minecraft Addons Mods are the mods programmed by a fan of sets of the giant mod, or by the author of those giant mods with a purpose of upgrading, changing several systems, adding some new contents or playing an important role in connection. Moreover, they have combined many kinds of mods together, allowing great mods to mix with and support each other. As a result, the players can have entirely new experiences in Minecraft. To use Addons-Mod of any giant mod, the users have to install a necessary mod to be a basis before installing Addons Mod. Some favorite giant mods with a large, diverse number of Addons-Mods have changed entire experiences of the players, such as Applied Energistics 2, Bood Magic, Buildcraft, Forestry, Industrial Craft, ThaumCraft, Thermal Expansion, Tinker’s Construct, etc. Here is the list of latest Addons Mods for Minecraft.