About Taktics Map

Taktics is a fairly difficult map that tests the player on many aspects of Minecraft. The map is split into two sections: In section 1, you must collect enough Skill Points to move on by completing mini-challenges. In Section 2, you are faced with three unique (and difficult) challenges. Completing each challenge will reward you with a key that you can place to move on.


Taktics Map Rules:

  • 1. No placing, crafting or breaking ANY blocks/items unless implied.
  • 2. Do NOT change game modes or difficulty. The map takes care of that for you.
  • 3. This map was not designed for multiplayer, so if you chose to play together, be careful.
  • 4. No using commands to your advantage. (/tp, /spawnpoint, etc.)

Map Trailer:

How to install:

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