Tectonicus Tool generates highly details maps of Minecraft worlds, and lets you explore them via google maps, with panning and zooming. You can then upload the generated map to the web and let other people looks around your map.


Yes, it’s yet-another map renderer. However Tectonicus is a bit different – it actually draws your map as a big 3d model, so you get really high quality results:


And you can zoom really far in too so you can see all the detail in your world:


It outputs high detail image tiles, and then splices them together to produce a handy-dandy google maps view on your minecraft world.

Version 2.0 lets you put down view signs to get first person images in your map too:


As of version 1.21, Tectonicus supports the new ‘region’ map format in Minecraft Beta 1.3.

You can also render just a circular chunk of your world:


Usage – gui

To use the (simple) gui, run Tectonicus with this command:

java -jar Tectonicus_v1.0.jar mode=gui

Usage – command line

For advanced options, run Tectonicus with no arguments like so:

java -jar Tectonicus_v1.0.jar

It’ll then give you details of the available command line options you need to provide.

Usage – config file

Instead of providing all the options on the command line, you can put them in a config file:

java -jar Tectonicus_v1.0.jar config=path/to/simpleConfig.xml




  • Added Sandstone Stairs, Spruce Wood Stairs, Birch Wood Stairs, Jungle Wood Stairs, Emerald Ore, Emerald Block, Command Block, and Wooden Button to default block config xml
  • Added Carrots and Potatoes
  • Added Sideways Logs
  • Added Cobblestone and Mossy Cobblestone wall blocks
  • Fixed Fence Gates so they render at the correct height when placed in-between wall blocks
  • Trapdoors can now render with the hinge on the top of a block
  • Spruce Leaves, Jungle Leaves, Tall Grass, Ferns, and Vines now attempt to get the correct biome color (still needs work)
  • Made pressure plates slightly smaller
  • Made water blocks slightly lower
  • Player skins will now download correctly again

Download Links for Tectonicus Tool:


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