Here is some informations about The Big 25 Map for Minecraft Frostburn that you can need before download it.

Breakdown and Information:

  • Map Name: The Big 25
  • Map Size: LargePlayers: 1-4
  • Bugs: None yet

The idea of a calendar map is to complete each task daily, and not all in one go. Doing them daily increasesthe fun! There are rules at the spawn of the map to get an understanding of how the map works. There may be some spawning issues, if you do spawn anywhere, please teleport yourself to these co-ordinates:

  • X: -217
  • Y: 66z -427

The Big 25 Map Screenshots:


How to install:

Download links for The Big 25 Map:!nl4FkYYR!MIcRWyIkvBgUZjV2KtKWQTdLGURIlWYLCX4RP3YYHc4

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