The Maze Hunter Map. Playing this game is rather easy. There are two teams. One is a hunter and the others are the prey. When the game starts a random player will be chosen to be the hunter. The game will not say who the hunter is and we encourage you guys to not tell who the hunter is unless you are only playing 2 player mode since in 2 player you know who the hunter is.

The Maze Hunter Map

The way to play the prey is easy. You will not spawn with anything but your bare body. You must avoid being killed by the hunter until the timer located on the right of your screen reaches 0. The game is auto repeating but may break if you don’t set the right amount of players. If you are the hunter you will spawn with a diamond sword. Hide it from people to show that you’re not the hunter. You must kill all the prey and make sure you kill them before the timer runs out. This map plays at least 2 players and max 4 players.

The Maze Hunter Map Screenshot:

The Maze Hunter Map

Download Links for The Maze Hunter Map:

For Minecraft 1.10.2

Download from Server 1

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