The Misty Skull Story

The Misty Skull Map. You start out the map in a small town called Fenton Town. After Exploring the town for a little bit you find out that Strange things have been occurring. Then you later find out from a villager that The Misty Skull Cathedral is Housing Thousands and Thousands of Undead Warriors. Being Brought back to life by the so Called Lord of the Undead, The Misty Skull Himself. It is your job to Vanquish him and Save Minecraftia!

The Misty Skull Map Screenshots:


  • 1. No breaking Blocks
  • 2. No Placing Blocks
  • 3. No Going outside the map
  • 4. If you do go outside the Map, Make your way back in creative mode.
  • 5. No cheats or mods.
  • 6. Try to Follow the Storyline. (Read Books and talk to Villagers)
  • 7. Have fun. (Compulsuary)

Download links for The Misty Skull Map:

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