About The Unfair Games Map

The Unfair Games is a set of challenges ment to entertain you , the different kind of challenges won’t let you get bored. What The Unfair Games actually is , it is a set of challenges , at the end of each challenge you will find a special wool to complete the monument inside a little nice temple , the challenge st include Puzzles , PVE , SURVIVAL , Parkour and so on.


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  • Tutorial: Tutorial is ment to show you how the sistem is working
  • Easy Puzzle Rooms: You have to pass 6 rooms each have different theme
  • Hard Puzzle Rooms: You have to pass 5 rooms each have different theme , they are harder than the others
  • The Oculus Mazze: Use THE OCULUS to see trough the walls then put the right items into droper, after that the mazze door will open and you have to find your way out from mazze
  • Arena Zombie Apocalipse: Fight and survive untill the gate will dropp , there are many powerups and it can be played in Multi Player
  • Protected Land Survival: You have to complete 7 objectives Harvest 32 Melon/Pumpkin/Cactus , Mine 10 Gold, 20 Iron, 25 Coal and craft a Diamond Armor , you will be announced after completing each objective , wool will be stored in a chest in your house automatically after you complete all objectives

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