About tPC Parkour Map

tPC Parkour is a huge map filled with different challenges of different themes. Enjoy the different scenery in the map while you ‘parkour’ around! Themes include a large park, a vast desert, a cold snowfield, and even a burning netherworld!


tPC Parkour Map heavily used Command Blocks (especially the /tp commands).

Rules of tPC Parkour Map:

  • Play on PEACEFUL.
  • Do not break or build any objects (including item frame, string, glowstone etc).
  • At some stages there is a SPECIAL RULE, you must obey them.
  • Mods that affect your movement are not allowed (see below for examples)
  • You are allowed to change the time and weather using ‘/time’, ‘/toggledownfall’, and ‘/weather’ commands.
  • Your gamemode must be in Adventure at all times (default).

List of Prohibited Mods:

  • Better Sprint Mod
  • Fly mod
  • Portal Gun mod
  • Smart Moving mod
  • Other mods that affect your movement

Challenges in tPC Parkour Map:

Challenge 1 to 10

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Challenge 1: Beginner’s Playground 新手樂園
Difficulty: Easy
Stages: 10
A relatively easy challenge with easy jumps. Suitable for beginners.

Challenge 2: Newbie’s Playground 新手樂園II
Difficulty: Easy
Stages: 10
A relatively easy challenge with many basic jumps. Suitable for beginners.

Challenge 3: Power Factory 勢力工廠
Difficulty: Normal
Stages: 10
This golden challenge uses the Jump Boost and Speed Boost effect for parkour.

Challenge 4: Lost Dungeon 陰暗地牢
Difficulty: Normal
Stages: 10
An abandoned, dark dungeon found in one of the deepest caves in the world.

Challenge 5: Frozen Ground 冰凍領域
Difficulty: Normal
Stages: 8
A small, snowy village found in the Northern Hemisphere.

Challenge 6: Tranquil Park 寧靜公園
Difficulty: Normal
Stages: 8
A beautiful and quiet park with a lake in the middle.

Challenge 7: Pleasant Park 平靜公園
Difficulty: Normal
Stages: 8
A large neighbourhood park with a large lake in the middle.

Challenge 8: Ruins of the Vast Sands 沙漠遺址
Difficulty: Normal
Stages: 8
These desert ruins are found in a remote area of the Sahara Desert.

Challenge 9: Dark Dungeon 黑暗地牢
Difficulty: Normal
Stages: 10
A very dark dungeon with many abandoned cells.

Challenge 10: Golden Heights 金山高峰
Difficulty: Hard
Stages: 14
A very tall and gigantic golden buildings filled with large stages.

Challenge 11 to 20

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Challenge 11: Cave Ruins 洞穴遺址
Difficulty: Hard
Stages: 16
A very complex cave that was discovered in the Amazon Rainforest.

Challenge 12: Serene Garden 安詳花園
Difficulty: Hard
Stages: 8
A quiet garden with a beautiful scenery.

Challenge 13: Construction Site 建築施工現場
Difficulty: Hard
Stages: 6
A construction site for constructing some apartments.

Challenge 14: Snowfall Field 降雪領域
Difficulty: Hard
Stages: 8
A large snowfall field filled with floating ice – a weird phenomenon that cannot be explained with the current scientific knowledge.

Challenge 15: Agility Laboratory 敏捷實驗室
Difficulty: Hard
Stages: 10
A time-based challenge that requires the players to complete a stage under a time limit.

Challenge 16: Magma Dungeon 岩漿地牢
Difficulty: Hard
Stages: 8
A lava-filled dungeon.

Challenge 17: Frigid Cavern 冰凍洞穴
Difficulty: Hard
Stages: 12
A large, icy caverns.

Challenge 18: Secluded Laboratory 地下實驗室
Difficulty: Very Hard
Stages: 10
A laboratory that is filled with piston jumps.

Challenge 19: Chinatown (niú chē shuǐ) 牛車水
Difficulty: Very Hard
Stages: 10
Based on Singapore’s Chinatown in the older days. (It is significantly different now.)

Challenge 20: Lapis Tower 青金石塔
Difficulty: Very Hard
Stages: 8
A towering blue tower with large stages.

Challenge 21 to 25

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Challenge 21: Burning Inferno 燃燒之地獄
Difficulty: Very Hard
Stages: 8
A hell-themed based challenge filled with lava.

Challenge 22: Water Factory 流水廠
Difficulty: Very Hard
Stages: 10
A challenge that is completely filled with water-based jumps.

Challenge 23: Orchard Mall 烏節購物中心
Difficulty: Extreme
Stages: 12
A mall based on Plaza Singapura, a big mall in Singapore.

Challenge 24: Extreme Facility 極端設施
Difficulty: Uber Extreme
Stages: 10
A diamond facility filled with nearly-impossible jumps.

Challenge 25: Emerald Facility 翡翠設施
Difficulty: Uber Extreme
Stages: 10
An emerald facility filled with insane jumps.

Tags and Achievements

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Tags indicate what to be expected in the challenge.

  • ADV (Adventure) – Indicates an adventure-parkour challenge.
  • BSTG (Big-stages) – Contains large stages.
  • BURN (Burn) – Contains stages with lava and/or fire.
  • CACT (Cacti) – Contains cacti.
  • DARK (Darkness) – Contains dark stages.
  • DTH (Death) – Contains stages that may kill you through various ways except burning, falling, pricked by cacti, or the use of TNT.
  • DOOR (Doors) – Contains stages that uses door mechanisms as parkour.
  • FALL (Fall-hazard) – Contains stages that may kill you by falling.
  • ICE (Ice) – Contains ice.
  • LDDR (Ladder-intensive) – Contains stages with many ladders.
  • MAZE (Maze) – Contains stages with maze.
  • NRWJ (Narrow-jump) – Contains stages where players must jump to/from a narrow platform (e.g. glass pane, iron bar)
  • PIST (Pistons) – Contains stages with pistons (usually moving platforms).
  • POW (Power) – Contain powered jumps (received Jump or Speed Boost from Splash Potions)
  • PUZ (Puzzle) – Contains stages with puzzles.
  • RSTN (Redstone) – Contains stages that uses a lot of redstones except pistons or door mechanisms.
  • RPTB (Repeatable) – Challenges that are repeatable.
  • SAND (Sand) – Challenges that uses sand mechanisms as parkour.
  • SLOW (Slow) – Contains soul sand.
  • SPRN (Sprint-intensive) – Contains stages that requires many sprint jumps to clear.
  • TIME (Time) – Contain stages with time-based jumps.
  • TNT TNT – Contain stages with TNTs that may kill you (deals 10 heart damage without armour)
  • VRJ (Very Hard Jumps) – Contain stages with 3-blocks-1-high jumps and 4-blocks jump.
  • VOID (Void) – Contain stages with void.
  • WTR (Water) – Contain stages using water mechanisms.


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  • Easy – simple jumps, simple corner jumps, simple 1-block ladder jumps, at most one 2-blocks gap ladder jumps in one stage, at most one opposite ladder jump in one stage, no VRJ jumps (see VRJ under tags).
  • Normal – simple jumps, simple corner jumps, simple 1-block ladder jump, few 2-blocks gap ladder jumps in one stage, few opposite ladder jump in one stage, no VRJ jumps, slightly longer stages, easy piston jumps.
  • Hard – includes those stated in Normal difficulty, includes some Ladder Corner Jumps, slightly longer stages than Normal, at most one VRJ jump at the BEGINNING of a stage, easy piston jumps, may include NRWJ jumps.
  • Very Hard – includes those stated in Hard difficulty, several 2-blocks gap ladder jump, longer stages, several Ladder Corner Jumps, few S-Jumps, slightly harder piston jumps, ladder scaling, few ladder to ladder (pillar) jump, few tricky corner jumps, few NRWJ jumps, may include at most one 3-block ladder jump in one stage at the BEGINNING.
  • Extreme – includes those stated in Very Hard difficulty, a lot of 2-blocks gap ladder jump, some 3-blocks ladder jumps, ladder climb jump, longer stages, more S-Jumps, many ladder scaling, hard piston jumps, few VRJ jumps, few obstacle (block above your head) jump, many ladder to ladder (pillar) jump, many ladder side jumps, many tricky corner jumps, many NRWJ jumps.
  • Uber Extreme – includes those stated in Extreme difficulty, very long stages (may include mini-checkpoints), many VRJ jumps, many 3-blocks ladder jumps, other near impossible jumps.

Other Features:

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Warp System
Blocks with buttons are scattered throughout the entire map. Pushing the button on the block will warp you back to the beginning of the stage or Checkpoint Centre without having to walk back. This will save a lot of time.

Stopwatch is added in all the challenges for Time Challenge.

Anti-Cheating System (ACS)
Default setting: Enabled (disabled in pre-release version)

To discourage cheating, the ACS is implemented into all the challenges after the release of Minecraft 1.5. The ACS will change the gamemode of anyone who is in Survival or Creative mode to Adventure mode every second. Those who changed his or her gamemode would be teleported to the entrance of the challenge. If you give yourself TNT, it will also be automatically removed.

The ACS can be deactivated by teleporting to a specific coordinates using the /tp command. These coordinates will be provided in the thread at least 3 days after the release of a challenge.

To deactivate the ACS, follow these steps:

  • Press ‘Esc’ and click ‘Open to LAN’.
  • Allow cheats ‘On’ and click ‘Start LAN World’.
  • On the chat, type ‘/tp <x> <y> <z>’, where the alphabets are the coordinates, to teleport to the map control room. The list of coordinates are listed below. For example, in Challenge 1, you type “/tp 1 40 -27” (without commas).
  • Pull the ‘Anti-Cheating System Control’ lever to disable the ACS.

Note: These coordinates only work for each individual save files with a single challenge. It does not work on the full version (i.e. the map with all challenges combined).

Main Map: CANNOT BE DISABLED (temporarily disabled for pre-release version)
Challenge 1 (old): 1 40 -27
Challenge 2 (old): 62 40 -32
Challenge 3 (old): -1501 40 20
Challenge 4 (old): -817 40 1288
Challenge 5 (old): ? ? ?
Challenge 6 (old): automatically disabled upon completing

Note: The ACS cannot be disabled in the full version.

Anti-Damage System (ADS)
Default setting: Disabled
If enabled, you will be invulnerable to all damages.

Constant Clear Weather System (CCWS)
Default setting: Enabled
If enabled, the map will not rain or snow.

Constant Daytime System (CDS)
Default setting: Enabled
If enabled, the map will always be in daytime.

Anti-PvP System (APS)
Default setting: Enabled
If enabled, friendly fire is off in Multiplayer.

Troll System (TS)
Default setting: Enabled
If disabled, you will not be trolled by the map.

Tip System (TIPS) (coming soon)
Default setting: Enabled
If enabled, this system displays tips about the map (unrelated to parkour skills) at regular intervals (about 5 minutes).



  • Added Challenge 4: Lost Dungeon
  • Added Challenge 20: Lapis Tower
  • Added Challenge 22: Water Factory
  • Added Challenge 23: Orchard Mall
  • Added Challenge 24: Extreme Facility
  • Added Challenge 25: Emerald Facility

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