About Zombie Arena Map

Zombie Arena Map is a survival/adventure map where the objective is to survive 10 waves of mobs (mostly zombies).

There is a shop system which uses your XP level as currency. Gain experience from killing mobs or from surviving a wave.

This map is completely MULTIPLAYER COMPATIBLE so you can play with friends!


What are some of the cool features?

  • Fully Multiplayer Compatible
  • If you die you can try again just with the click of a button, NO NEED TO DOWNLOAD AGAIN
  • Shop system where you can purchase equipment
  • Nether styled arena with columns and lava
  • Bonus potion and food drops from dispensers

Zombie Arena Screenshots:





  • Cookies (1 for 1 EXP)
  • Steak (1 for 2 EXP)
  • MILK BUCKETS! (1 for 5 EXP)
  • Improved Redstone Wiring

Download link for Zombie Arena Map:


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