When having the rank “Administrator” on a server, you have to manage a lot of members, so sometimes it will lead to the conflict, and we have to solve this problem. However, if you feel tired when saying by your mouth and you love to “fight” directly with this issue, Admin Weapons Mod 1.12.2, 1.11.2 is the solution for you.

Admin Weapons Mod for Minecraft Logo

Admin Weapons Mod for Minecraft 1

Mod provides 14 different weapons, dividing into Grenades, guns, melee weapons,…

Types of weapons in Admin Weapons Mod:

Poisonous Dynamite: When exploring, it will poison any entire people to death. It is very dangerous and toxic.

Admin Weapons Mod for Minecraft 2

Fired Dynamite: Burning one area when you throw it (the scale is very large with around 4 chunks), it is used to deadly burn rebellious people in the house.

Admin Weapons Mod for Minecraft 3

Healing Dynamite: Heal people’s blood whose are “unintentionally” attacked (because some bombs exploit very hurt and if it happens, we are gonna die, surely.

Admin Weapons Mod for Minecraft 4

Nuclear Dynamite: Imagine that your house is located in the middle of that sand, and after 10 minutes it will turn into the thing in the below. We don’t know how beautiful your house is, how long it was built. If it meets any “stubborn” admin, your house will be flat and have a lot of holes.

Admin Weapons Mod for Minecraft 5

Admin Weapons Mod for Minecraft 6

Lightning Staff: when you click right mouse button, you will turn into Thor – Lightning God, fight any stubborn guy.

Admin Weapons Mod for Minecraft 7

Glass Launcher: When you throw, it will create the Glass, it does not cause any much damage but the consequences for the victims will be the full-diameter glass holes.

Admin Weapons Mod for Minecraft 8

Glass Bomb: Like Glass Launcher, but this time all the empty seats will be filled with glass, for example, you want to freeze a swimming pool of a stubborn guy scolding admin, you just throw Glass Bomb and they have to clean up the damage you bring out.

Admin Weapons Mod for Minecraft 9

Admin Weapons Mod for Minecraft 10

Admin Rocket Launcher: When shooting, the consequences are the same as the real life, being spot death for animals and human, causing severe injuries to construction building and topography. The best opinion is not to use Admin Rocket Launcher because of its power.


Admin Gun: It is used to shoot. If it shoots to you, you are gonna die immediately, if it shoots to the ground, there will have a lot of holes, so dangerous.


The remaining weapons such as Air, Fire, Water Admin Sword will slash and die immediately whereas Kick Staff and Ban Hammer are used when you want to have “death sentence” permanently or temporarily expel a certain character from the server (like command/ ban/kick). It is quite interesting and crazy, this mod can be used for both single players and multiplayer, so you can use to play alone or install on the server to bully members.


How to Install Admin Weapons Mod 1.12.2, 1.11.2 for Minecraft server:

  • Install Minecraft Forge for Server.
  • Run Server for the first time and then turning off (use Stop command)
  • Open Folder with Server inside (locates in which you install)
  • Move file mod (for example Admin-Weapons.jar) to Folder “mods” in Folder of Server.
  • Run Server and test your installed mods whether they work or not.

Minecraft 1.11 Mods

Download links for Admin Weapons Mod 1.12.2, 1.11.2

Download > for Minecraft 1.10.2 & 1.9.4

Download > for Minecraft 1.11

Download > for Minecraft 1.11.2 (Not update yet)

Download > for Minecraft 1.12

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