A new small adventure map where you control a chicken that wishes they could one day fly and get off the floating island they were born on. Adventurous Scenario 1 – Chicken’s Courage map contains some story, puzzles, parkour, combat and bosses.


Adventurous Scenario 1 – Chicken’s Courage Map Features:

  • Story – You control a chicken in the map that wishes they could one day fly and get off a floating island that they were born on. The story and dialogue is quite simple and easy to read.
  • Three boss fights with custom abilities, health bars, and multiple difficulty modes.
  • Ruby gem collectibles; every 4 you collect will make your character stronger! 12 in total hidden in the map – 4 on each floor.
  • Custom music, models, and sound effects with the resource pack
  • Some parkour elements that will have you using your flap ability to stay in the air for a couple of seconds
  • Some puzzle elements through out the map
  • Multiple difficulty modes
  • Whole map scales slightly with the amount of players present
  • Inspired by games/maps like Legend of Zelda, Herobrine’s Mansion map, World of Warcraft and more.



Download Links for Adventurous Scenario 1 – Chicken’s Courage Map:

For Minecraft 1.9.4

Download from Server 1Download from Server 2

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