AFK Console Client is light-weight and made for any and all Minecraft players. With a sleek interface and fast Discord support anyone should be able to use it.

This is great console client, easily beats paid & free alternatives and gets updated very frequently! Would recommend anyone who needs to afk some farms or any other afk related things. Performance is really good, can hold 500+ alts without any issues.

The best out there. Been using this client for a while now and it never fails. Very simple to setup and use, everything you need can be managed within the client itself. It’s a must if you AFK on servers, and best of all it’s completely FREE!


  • Add accounts (Microsoft and 2FA)
  • Add unlimited accounts
  • Proxies supported
  • Quickly see account status
  • Custom messages/commands on login
  • Custom messages/commands on world change
  • Custom login delay
  • Auto reconnect
  • Toggle in-game chat
  • Toggle auto reconnect
  • Toggle sneak
  • Toggle anti AFK
  • Toggle between online and offline/cracked accounts
  • Choose server version
  • Drop all items
  • Send chat messages from all or a specific account
  • See previous messages
  • Chat spam with custom delay
  • Clear console
  • Clear account list


AFK Console Client Download Links

Installer version (Exe file): Download from Server 1Download from Server 2

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