Astral Client V7 (1.20, 1.19) stands as the comprehensive optimization client-resource pack for MCPE/Bedrock Edition, catering to all platforms and finely tuned for PvP enthusiasts.

“Since I adopted Astral Client, I’ve been claiming victory in every BedWars match.”

– A sentiment echoed by countless Astral Client users –


Features that make Astral Client different from the others:

Homescreen Revamp

  • A much more minimalist and organized home screen. Inspired by the famous Java Edition Lunar Client.

Settings Screen

  • We have completely changed the design of the settings screen to look similar to the Java Edition settings screen.

PvP Aspects and Mods

  • We have added your favorite PvP modifications- Outlined ores, Low Fire, Clear Water, Clear Glass, No Fog, and a whole lot more!

Clean UI

    • Astral Client has one of the best and cleanest UI in Minecraft Bedrock Edition!


  • We have made the slightest things to the biggest things tweaked to improve your user experience- low shields, clear Redstone, smooth glowstone, and much more!


How to install:

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How To Install Map on Minecraft PE

Astral Client (1.20, 1.19) Download Links

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