Biome World Types Mod 1.12.2, 1.11.2 is programmed to affect directly on World Generation system of Minecraft. The Biome World Types Mod adds in the game some functions related to World Generation. It allows the player to create some new types of world, not just limit in some old World Generation regulations anymore. This mod is suitable for the players who want to find some new challenges for their survival.

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Biome World Types Mod allows the player to generate the world having only one biome. For someone may not know about Biome: The Minecraft is a game with Biome system. The system is many pieces of land with different types of ecology and weather. Thanks to this system, World Generator can create a diversified ecological system including many different biomes spreading all over the world. It makes your world become incredible magical with full of ability and mystery to explore.

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If you are a fan of Minecraft Hardcore Survival, or you are fond of one type of biome, and you want that biome covers all your world, definitely Biome World Types can help you! With biomes list taken from the code source of Minecraft, the Biome World Types can generate a world composed by biome that you choose in the beginning. Swamplan, Plains, Desert,… all of these biomes promise to give you a wonderful world but quite hard to survive! The mod requires Forge Mod Loader and Minecraft version 1.10.2.

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How to Install Biome World Types Mod 1.12.2, 1.11.2 for Minecraft

  1. Download Forge Installer, Biome-World-Types-Mod.
  2. Right click Forge Installer, Run as Administrator and press OK to install Forge. (You can skip this step if you’ve installed Forge Modloader)
  3. Open Start on desktop > Open Run (Or you can use the Windows + R keyboard shortcut)
  4. Type %appdata% into Run and press enter.
  5. Go to folder /.minecraft/mods
  6. Put jar file of the mod you have downloaded into mods folder and then run Minecraft. Done!

Minecraft 1.11 Mods

Download links for Biome World Types Mod 1.12.2, 1.11.2

Download > for Minecraft 1.10.2

Download > for Minecraft 1.11.2 (Coming soon)

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