Bloxxify’s Lightbringer Mod (1.20.1, 1.19.4) is designed to enhance the lighting experience in Minecraft, offering players a versatile and customizable solution to illuminate their surroundings. This mod introduces a variety of light sources and features that allow players to brighten up their worlds in creative and efficient ways. Whether you’re a builder aiming to showcase your creations or an adventurer seeking safety in the dark, the Lightbringer Mod provides a valuable tool for banishing the shadows.


  • Customizable Light Sources: The mod introduces an array of customizable light sources, allowing players to choose the type and intensity of illumination. From soft ambient lighting to powerful spotlights, Lightbringer provides flexibility in creating the desired atmosphere.
  • Dynamic Lighting: Lightbringer’s dynamic lighting system ensures that light sources emit a natural glow, illuminating the environment realistically. This enhances the visual appeal of illuminated areas and adds a touch of realism to the Minecraft experience.
  • Craftable Light Blocks: Players can craft special light-emitting blocks that serve as decorative light sources. These blocks can be placed strategically to illuminate specific areas, providing both functionality and aesthetic appeal.
  • Portable Light Devices: Lightbringer Mod introduces portable light devices that players can carry with them, ensuring a mobile light source wherever they go. This feature is particularly useful for explorers and adventurers venturing into the depths of caves and dungeons.


  • /lightbringer give <player> <light_source>: Gives the specified player a particular light source item.
  • /lightbringer intensity <light_source> <intensity>: Adjusts the intensity of a specific light source.
  • /lightbringer reset: Resets the Lightbringer Mod settings to default values.


  • lightbringer.give: Allows players to use the command to give light sources to others.
  • lightbringer.intensity: Permits players to adjust the intensity of light sources.
  • lightbringer.reset: Grants players the ability to reset mod settings.
  • lightbringer.admin: Provides server administrators access to all mod-related commands and features.



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Bloxxify’s Lightbringer Mod (1.20.1, 1.19.4) Download Links

For Minecraft 1.19.4

Forge version: Download from Server 1

For Minecraft 1.20.1

Forge version: Download from Server 1

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