Branded Logs Mod (1.20.1) aims to give players more control over the appearance of wooden logs in Minecraft. With the ability to brand logs with custom designs, players can add unique patterns, symbols, or logos to their wooden structures, making them stand out and reflect their creativity. This mod adds a new layer of customization and artistic expression to the game, allowing players to leave their mark on the world of Minecraft.


  • Branded Log Creation: The core feature of the Branded Logs Mod is the ability to create branded logs. Players can craft branded logs by combining regular logs with specific crafting materials.
  • Customizable Designs: Players have the freedom to create their custom designs for branding logs, allowing for a wide range of creative possibilities.
  • Decorative Enhancement: Branded logs serve as a decorative element in building projects, adding a unique and personal touch to wooden structures.
  • Enhanced Aesthetics: With the mod’s branded logs, players can elevate the aesthetics of their builds, making them visually appealing and distinct.
  • Compatibility: The Branded Logs Mod is designed to be compatible with most versions of Minecraft, ensuring accessibility and usability on different server environments.


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How to install:

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Branded Logs Mod (1.20.1) Download Links

For Minecraft 1.20.1

Fabric version: Download from Server 1

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