Enter the world of Call to Battle Mod 1.7.10, a mod that takes you back to the times of World War Two. Call to Battle strives to be the most realistic (within the confines of Minecraft) first person shooter mod. It’s goal is to reach across ALL the theatres of WWII, from your standard US vs. Germany to the much unsung battles of countries such as Italy and China. This mod not only contains your standard WWII weapons, but some lesser used weapons and even a wide array of attachments from the time period. Also includes custom zombies that are a bit creepier and have a chance to infect you.

Call to Battle - The WWII Mod

Gameplay Features:


  • Crouch = Press C. (Note that this is seperate from minecraft crouching and you are actually lower)
  • Prone = Press Z

Deploying Bipod:

  • Guns with a bipod can deploy it while proning or holding it over a normal sized block! Press B to do so!

Part based damage:

  • The body part you shoot matters! Headshots = 1 hit kill…. unless it bounces off an enemy helmet…

Damage Dropoff:

  • The farther away you shoot from, the less damage you do. Mostly only affects pistols, smgs, and lower caliber rifles. Eventually this mod will have bullet drop!

Switching to Sights:

  • Some scopes allow you to switch to their ironsights by pressing ~


  • Guns and zombies can cause you to bleed! This is remedied with bandages. When bleeding out, your vision goes darker. Use morphine to make your character numb to this effect!

Custom Zombies:

  • In the config file there are options to replace normal zombies with special zombies that look creepier, sound creepier, and can infect you!

Stopping Infection:

  • Can’t find or craft a cure in time, and don’t want to endanger your teamates with what you become? Press K to shoot yourself…. and save your friends.

Custom Maps:

  • Custom maps will contain gamemodes such as Assault, Team Deathmatch, etc. Certain gamemodes allow you to choose and configure a class loadout, heres some screenshots of it in action:

Call to Battle - The WWII Mod 1
Call to Battle - The WWII Mod 2

Notable gun interaction:

  • Press Middle Mouse Click to melee
  • Press ~ to switch to sights when using a sniper rifle(Note, not all Sniper Rifles have this option)
  • Press N to open the attachments menu.
  • Press B to deploy bipod on a LMG or MG
  • Press P to place a LMG or MG

Controls for playing maps:

  • M : Choose Side
  • , : Choose Class
  • . : Choose Loadout

How to get stuff in survival:

Go to the wiki page


Call to Battle - The WWII Mod 3
Call to Battle - The WWII Mod 4
Call to Battle - The WWII Mod 5
Call to Battle - The WWII Mod 6
Call to Battle - The WWII Mod 7
Call to Battle - The WWII Mod 8
Call to Battle - The WWII Mod 9
Call to Battle - The WWII Mod 10
Call to Battle - The WWII Mod 11


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