CFB Mod (1.20.1) transforms the Minecraft experience by introducing elements of tactical combat and military strategy. Players can establish their own combat force bases, recruit soldiers, and engage in epic battles against enemies, bringing a whole new dimension of excitement to the game.


  • Combat Force Bases: Establish your own military base within the Minecraft world, complete with barracks, armories, and defensive structures. Build and customize your base to suit your strategic objectives and fortify it against enemy attacks.
  • Recruitment System: Recruit soldiers to join your combat force and defend your base against hostile threats. Train your recruits to improve their combat skills and unlock new abilities, turning them into formidable warriors ready to face any challenge.
  • Tactical Warfare: Engage in intense battles against enemy forces as you fight for control of strategic locations and resources. Utilize tactics and strategy to outmaneuver your opponents and emerge victorious on the battlefield.
  • Advanced Weapons and Equipment: Equip your soldiers with a variety of advanced weapons and equipment, including firearms, explosives, and protective gear. Upgrade your arsenal to gain the upper hand in combat and ensure the success of your missions.
  • Multiplayer Battles: Join forces with friends or compete against other players in multiplayer battles, where teamwork and coordination are essential for victory. Form alliances, coordinate attacks, and dominate the battlefield together as you strive for supremacy.


  • /cfb create [name]: Use this command to create a combat force base with a specified name at your current location.
  • /cfb recruit [player]: Recruit a player to join your combat force base as a soldier using this command. Replace [player] with the username of the player you wish to recruit.
  • /cfb attack [base]: Initiate an attack on an enemy combat force base with this command. Replace [base] with the name of the enemy base you wish to target.
  • /cfb defend: Command your soldiers to defend your combat force base from enemy attacks and incursions.


  • cfb.create: Grants permission to use the /cfb create command to establish a combat force base.
  • cfb.recruit: Provides access to use the /cfb recruit command to recruit players as soldiers for your base.
  • cfb.attack: Grants permission to use the /cfb attack command to initiate attacks on enemy bases.
  • cfb.defend: Allows players to use the /cfb defend command to command their soldiers to defend their base from enemy threats.


How to install:

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