About Cloud Jump Map

Here is some informations about Cloud Jump Map for Minecraft Frostburn that you can need before download it.







Map Description

  • Cloud Jump is a new jump/parkour map created by SamSchrag1521
  • Cloud Jump is path based, meaning you MUST follow the designated block path

Map Rules

  • YOU MUST BE USING RENDER DISTANCE: TINY (or the map is lame)
  • Get the cake to win
  • No breaking blocks
  • No cheating
  • You are allowed to change the world to night to use checkpoints
  • If you make a video give credit
  • Unless your using a flymod you need to kill yourself to get back up
    (fly mods are allowed to get back up not to cheat)

Cloud Jump Features:

  • Stone Path
  • Ice Path
  • Lime Wool Path
  • Wood Path
  • Fence Path
  • Glass Path
  • Grass Path
  • Door Path
  • Iron Path
  • Gold Path
  • Diamond Path

Download links for Cloud Jump Map:


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