Cobblemon O’ Plenty Mod (1.20.1) is a whimsical modification that reimagines the role of cobblestone in Minecraft. Instead of being a mere building block, cobblestone becomes a gateway to a world filled with unique creatures, challenges, and rewards. Inspired by the popular concept of “Pocket Monsters” or Pokémon, this mod introduces Cobblemons, tiny creatures that inhabit the cobblestone world and bring a new layer of excitement to the game.


  • Cobblestone Encounters: As players mine cobblestone, they may encounter Cobblemons hiding within the blocks. Each Cobblemon has its own unique appearance, traits, and abilities, adding an element of surprise and excitement to the mining process.
  • Cobblemon Battles: Engage in Cobblemon battles as you encounter these lively creatures. Use specialized tools and tactics to catch them and add them to your collection. Every successful capture rewards players with unique items and resources.
  • Cobblemon Varieties: The Cobblemon O’ Plenty Mod introduces a variety of Cobblemon species, each residing in different types of cobblestone. From regular cobblestone to special variants found in various biomes, players can explore the Minecraft world in search of diverse Cobblemon species.
  • Cobblemon Evolution: Witness the evolution of Cobblemons as they gain experience and level up through battles. Evolved Cobblemons may have enhanced abilities and appearances, providing players with a sense of progression and achievement in their cobblestone adventures.


  • /cobblemon spawn [player] [cobblemon_name] [level]: Administer the spawn command to manually spawn a Cobblemon for a player. This command is useful for server administrators organizing events or players who wish to engage in specific Cobblemon encounters.
  • /cobblemon list [player]: Use the list command to view a player’s collection of caught Cobblemons. This command provides an overview of the Cobblemons a player has captured and their respective levels.


  • cobblemon.spawn: Allows players to use the /cobblemon spawn command, enabling them to manually spawn Cobblemons for themselves or others.
  • cobblemon.list: Grants permission to use the /cobblemon list command, enabling players to view their collection of caught Cobblemons.


Minecraft Forge


How to install:

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Cobblemon O’ Plenty Mod (1.20.1) Download Links

For Minecraft 1.20.1

Forge/NeoForge version: Download from Server 1

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