Cobblestone Conversion Map is full of humorous dialogue, unique puzzles, and surreal story elements.

It can be played with up to 3 players (1 or 2 is recommended) and only requires basic knowledge of Minecraft and Minecraft Adventure Maps.

You are a worker in Sector 7 who dreams of escaping his bleak reality for freedom.

Find a way to flee the confines of the walls that surround you and your creativity. You can break free from authority, but will you go too far?

Single Player Setting:

  • Enable Cheats by opening to LAN, then OP yourself with the command /op YourPlayerName

Multiplayer Server Settings:

  • enable-command-block = true
  • difficulty = 3

Cobblestone Conversion Map Download Links

For Minecraft 1.8.9

Download from Server 1

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