Create: Founded Mod (1.20.1) is a modification for Minecraft that focuses on providing players with a suite of tools and contraptions to unleash their creativity. Developed by an enthusiastic team of modders, the Create Mod expands upon the game’s existing mechanics, introducing a variety of new items, blocks, and mechanisms. From intricate automation to mind-bending transportation systems, this mod empowers players to construct contraptions limited only by their imagination.


  • Rotational Power:

The Create Mod introduces rotational power, allowing players to harness the energy of rotating elements to drive various contraptions. This opens up possibilities for advanced machinery, turning Minecraft into a virtual engineering playground.

  • Belts and Gearboxes:

Players can now create elaborate conveyor belt systems using belts and gearboxes. This feature adds a new layer to automation, enabling the efficient transport of items over long distances.

  • Depot and Contraption Blueprinting:

The mod includes a Depot for storing and organizing items more efficiently. Moreover, players can blueprint their contraptions, making it easier to replicate and share their inventions with others.

  • Redstone Integration:

Create seamlessly integrates with Minecraft’s redstone mechanics, allowing players to combine traditional redstone contraptions with the new rotational power systems for even more complex and dynamic creations.

  • Customizable Content:

The mod is designed with customization in mind, offering a range of options for players to tweak and fine-tune their contraptions. This ensures that no two creations need be alike, providing a unique experience for every player.


  • /create give [player] [item] [amount]:

Provides the specified player with a designated number of items from the Create Mod.

  • /create edit [player]:

Grants permission to a player to edit contraptions and blueprints.

  • /create reload:

Reloads the Create Mod configuration, allowing server administrators to apply changes without restarting the server.

  • /create clear [player]:

Clears the contraption editing interface for the specified player.


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