Create: Resource Geodes Mod (1.20.1) adds an element of exploration and discovery to the mining experience in Minecraft. Resource Geodes are special structures hidden underground that contain a variety of valuable resources. By uncovering and extracting these geodes, players can access a treasure trove of materials, enhancing their crafting and building endeavors. Whether you’re a seasoned miner or a creative builder, the Resource Geodes Mod offers a new and rewarding dimension to Minecraft’s resource gathering.


  • Resource Geodes: The mod introduces Resource Geodes, unique structures embedded within the terrain. These geodes come in various sizes and shapes, each containing a different assortment of resources, including ores, gems, and rare materials.
  • Geode Activation: Players can activate Resource Geodes using specific tools or devices provided by the Create mod. Once activated, the geode reveals its contents, allowing players to extract the valuable resources within.
  • Randomized Loot: Each Resource Geode offers a randomized selection of loot, providing an element of surprise and unpredictability. Players must carefully extract the resources, as the contents may vary from one geode to another.
  • Craftable Geode Scanners: To aid in the search for Resource Geodes, the mod may introduce craftable geode scanners or tools. These devices help players detect the presence of geodes in their vicinity, adding a layer of strategy to the exploration process.


  • /resourcegeodes scan <player>: Initiates a scan for Resource Geodes in the vicinity of the specified player.
  • /resourcegeodes activate <geode>: Activates a specific Resource Geode, revealing its contents.
  • /resourcegeodes lootlist: Displays a list of possible loot outcomes from a Resource Geode.


  • resourcegeodes.scan: Allows players to use the command to scan for Resource Geodes.
  • resourcegeodes.activate: Permits players to activate Resource Geodes.
  • resourcegeodes.lootlist: Grants players the ability to view the possible loot outcomes from a Resource Geode.


Minecraft Forge

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